Accounting and Audit

Professional field: "Business Evaluation, Accounting and Analysis"

Those, who choose the field of study of "Accounting and Audit", choose a responsible job, which requires the specialist deep economic knowledge, attention, concentration, persistence and perseverance, but which is required in every sphere and which is always in demand. The important element of the competitive advantage of the «KROK» University graduate is the thoroughness of the complex of obtained knowledge and the possibility to apply them in practice in a dynamic business environment.

The prospective for the student who studies Accounting and Audit is not just to be an Accountant, but also to be the analyst, who is able to manage the economic and financial departments of the enterprise, forecast its development, conduct qualified expert evaluation of the property, ownership evaluation, give the necessary recommendations on its preservation control and most efficient use.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study of Accounting and Audit major:

  • to interpret the economic facts in accordance with their nature (content) and form of reflection in the management to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • possession of legal knowledge of universal role, be aware of the Constitution of Ukraine provisions, International Law. Systematically enrich, analyze and apply legal instruments in the professional activity;
  • possession of the skills of financial accounting, analysis of financial results of the enterprise activity, financial control and the development of measures to improve them;
  • to use the acquired new knowledge and innovations in practice. To work on personal computers toward the possession of advanced technologies for the preparation of testing, documentation, obtaining the information through the physical media, INTERNET system, E-mail;
  • to take into account in the activity the specifics of the work-related relations on the enterprise, responsibility for made decisions of individual officials and enterprise in general, do not violate subordination in relations and interests, agree the solutions, strategy of the activity of department or the whole enterprise with regulations and current legislation.

Graduates of this program can work not just as accountants, auditors, analysts, but also as specialists in the field of evaluation, experts in property evaluation. Valuation of assets for an international audit in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), valuation of business and integral property complexes, valuation of securities, real estate valuation, valuation of intangible assets – that is a short list of those operations, the implementation which requires knowledge in both the evaluation and in the field of accounting, analysis and audit.

Graduates have the rights to occupy the following positions: Inspector, Lecturer of Vocational Training Institution, Accountant, Economist, Expert-Cashier, Economist in Accounting and Analysis of Economic Activity, Inventory Inspector, Inspector of Price Control etc.

Graduates of "Accounting and Audit" with the professional field of "Business Evaluation, Accounting and Analysis" can occupy different positions - accountants and analysts, auditors and evaluators etc. They are able to work both in enterprises of different forms of ownership, and in specialized valuation firms, companies that provide services in accounting and auditing, banking, financial and consulting institutions.


At «KROK» University the unique exclusive educational program of the training of a brand-new generation of specialists in accounting, control, analysis and audit of enterprises economic activity with in-depth study of the disciplines related to the evaluation activity – "KROK-Expert" (professional field: "Business Evaluation, Accounting and Analysis") was launched.

During the study future professionals master humanistic subjects, which promote the formation of cultural, fully developed, highly educated person (Philosophy, Cultural Studies, the Ukrainian Language, Foreign Language, Law, Physical Training, etc.), natural and economic sciences, which prepare the professionals to work in economic sphere (Political Economy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics for Economists, Enterprise Economics, Money and Credit, Statistics, Marketing, Finance, International Economics, National Economics, etc.), and properly the subjects with the professional aspect (Legal Regulation of Evaluation Activity, Evaluation Activity, Financial Accounting, Accounting in Banks, Accounting in Budgetary Institutions, Management Accounting, Audit, Economic Activity Analysis, Property Evaluation with the Purpose of Reporting, Enterprise Reporting, Evaluation Methods and Models, etc.). It is important to involve the leading evaluators-practitioners to the teaching of special subjects.

Moreover, the graduates of the field of study of "Accounting and Audit" should professionally possess the special computer programs. In the University the future accountants, auditors, evaluators study how to work with such programs as "1C: Enterprise", "Sail", "Best-Report", "Galaxy" and others.

Bachelors in "Accounting and Audit" with the professional field of "Business Evaluation, Accounting and Analysis" additionally receive the Certificate of the evaluator basic training for one of the specializations as “Evaluation of the Objects in Tangible Form”. Continuing to study for this field of study to get Master’s degree, the students have the option to pass the internship in the appraisements with the conclusion of the additional contract which will allow them to run up the qualifying examinations for obtaining certificates in the fields and specializations of “Evaluation facilities in material form” and “Evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property and intangible assets”.

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Field of study


  • Bachelor in Accounting and Audit
    4 years/ 180-240 ECTS credits
  • Specialist in Accounting and Audit
    1 year/ 90-120 ECTS credits
  • Master in Accounting and Audit
    1-2 years/ 90-120 ECTS credits

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  • Ukrainian

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