Finance and Credit

Finance field is about financial flows planning and management. Financier's main task is to plan where to invest, to whom, from whom and how much to borrow, which materials to purchase, which stocks to buy and the most profitably sell them. Financier specialist can occupy the financial economist post, managerial positions at financial, economic planning, foreign economic and marketing departments, commercial organizations, joint-stock companies, investment funds and companies, commercial banks, state commissions on securities and stock markets, occupy leading expert post at insurance trusts.

Those who had already chosen the financier field should know that it requires skills of strategic thinking, attentiveness, mathematical mentality, fortitude, diligence and perseverance.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study of Finance and Credit major:

  • mastering in analysis methods of Enterprise Financial Activity;
  • ability to use obtained practice concerning Enterprise Management;
  • mastering in financial accounting, analysis of enterprise financial outcomes, financial controlling and in development of amendment measures;
  • ability to use in practice a knowledge about state finance system: budget planning and accomplishment, its exchequer service etc.;
  • mastering in insurance, leasing and other financial affairs.

As a result the experts in Finance and Credit are able to carry out detailed substantial impartial analysis of state financial system and enterprise financial activity outcomes, as well as to provide specific appropriate recommendations and suggestions on the basis of conducted analysis.


Experts in Finance and Credit has the rights to perform as an Insurance Agent, Securities Dealer (Seller), Appraiser (Assessment Expert), Expert in Assets Management, Expert in Financial Economic Security. Financier should be able to manage the funds efficiently, to determine tax charges correctly, to act in the financial markets and to protect savings from inflation. Another field where Finance graduate can realize himself is Banking. Every banker should know how the bank operates including the understanding of resources relocation process, the financial services industry construction to concentrate on the client’s interests, credit accommodation activity, business plans and business activity assessment determination; where better to invest, revenue forecasting, marketing activities implementation - financial services developing and forecasting. It is also important to be able to seek for monetary resources in the world market and attract them to Ukrainian. At present, banks have quite branched activities that causes the need of proficient specialists who possess the high level of up-to-date knowledge and skills. That is why the University insists not only on required courses but also on work experience gaining within chosen profession as University’s cooperation with leading Ukrainian banking institutions allows going through the professional internship.

After graduating with the state diploma student can apply for following internal posts within banks:

  • Financial Departments Manager within Financial Banking Units who fulfills the operations on Monetary Resources Relocation over Credits, Securities, Foreign Exchange, Real Estate
  • Credit Transactions Expert within International Currency Payments and Commercial Banks
  • Monetary Subdivisions Expert at National Bank of Ukraine, Commercial Banks, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Ukraine

Majoring in Finance and Credit, students master subjects which form the origin of their future careers: Macro- and Microeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, General Theory of Finance (Money and Crediting, Corporate Finance), Economic Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Services Market, Tax System, Enterprise Financial Activity, Foreign Countries Finance, Portfolio Analysis, Economic Risk, Stock Market and Marketable Investments. In recent years, financier profession became an occupation of prestige. Highly qualified finance specialists are required at government, business and consumer organizations, banks, tax services, investment trusts and insurance companies.

Students study following subjects: Banking Maintenance of Enterprise, Banking Business, Accounting and Auditing within Bank, Information Systems and Technologies within Banking Sector, National Bank of Ukraine and Monetary Policy, Bank Management, Monetary System, Bank Marketing, Bank Supervision.

Modern professional is a person who is guided in many fields of activity and has extensive competences. «KROK» had taken into account all demands of labor market and has developed a number of specialized programs. One of them is "KROK-Leader" which allows to study at «Finance and Credit» (full-time) and «Law» (part-time) majors collaterally and to receive two diplomas in conclusion.

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Field of study


  • Bachelor in Finance and Credit
    4 years/ 180-240 ECTS credits
  • Specialist in Finance/Banking
    1 year/ 90-120 ECTS credits
  • Master in Finance/Banking
    1-2 years/ 90-120 ECTS credits

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  • Ukrainian / Russian (Part-time)

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  • Full-time / Part-time

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