International Relations Degree

The modern world is managed by information, but rather those who possess it. And it is difficult not to agree with this. Thus so important today are the professionals who work with this resource: collect, process, analyze, convey it to consumers. Especially important the role of such experts in the field of International Relations.

Experts in International Information perform as Analysts, Translators, Spokesmen. They can realize themselves in diplomatic work, advertising or even in politics.

Another important area of education in the field of International Relations – formation of experts able to provide effective economic cooperation of the country with other states.

Therefore, Experts in International Business, which are trained by «KROK» University, are able to operate effectively in the face of international competition, possess the methods of promotion of competitive products on the world markets, the analysis of market conditions.

Training of such experts at «KROK» University is conducted at Faculty of International Relations.

Majors’ details:

Field of study

  • International Relations

Where to obtain degree

Languages of instruction

  • Ukrainian

Mode of study

  • Full-time

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