Master’s Degree Program in English

Educational program offered by the Scientific School «Innovative Development Management in the Era of Knowledge Economy»:

  • Field: «Administration and Management»
  • Major: «Management»
  • Specialization: «Project Management»
  • Previous educational background: Bachelor/Master in any field
  • Duration: 2 years (4 semesters), 120 credits ECTS

Programs’ target audience

  • Master’s Degree applicants based on obtained Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree of any major or field;
  • For those applicants who have ambitious goals to create own business or find a prestigious job in successful companies all over the world

The governing principle of programs training

Lecturers do not teach you! Lecturers govern your studying and help you to achieve your goals in the formation and development of the competencies that are in demand in the labor market and therefore needed for your professional career.

Program’s benefits

  • Individualized training under the guidance of a competent scientific supervisor and a personal tutor
  • Possibility to gain a needed specialization. Each program contains theoretical and practical blocks (professional training and Master’s thesis writing). Research issue and practical training content will be defined individually for each student in cooperation with the scientific supervisor. This allows to consider special interests.
  • Possibility to study and use the scientific knowledge, experience and competency of the scientists-lectures of Scientific School. Each course (discipline) content necessarily involves advanced scientific results received by the Scientific School «Innovative Development Management in the Era of Knowledge Economy». The effectiveness of these scientific research results is confirmed by the outcomes of their use in researches, as well as in practical activity of real enterprises.
  • Possibility to be internationally certified by IPMA and continue your education on PhD level
  • Possibility to develop your own educational space using «KROK» University resources and inventory
  • Training and workflow are in English

The advantages of «KROK» University

For many years «KROK» University has been the leader among private higher educational institutions in Ukraine. This is evidenced by its high rating success. In addition, «KROK» University is the first one in Ukraine that has introduced the quality management system based on ISO 9000. University has a rich experience of joint programs with universities of other countries. Graduates successfully work on managerial positions in leading companies both in Ukraine and worldwide.

Admission schedule in «KROK» University

Twice a year.

1st flow:

Stages of enrollment process Dates
Application and submitting documents From 15th of January till 28th of February
Entrance exams By the 28th of February
Enrollment order No later than 1st of March

2nd flow:

Stages of enrollment process Dates
Application and submitting documents From 1st of July till 30th of October
Entrance exams By the 31st of October
Enrollment order No later than 1st of November

Admission documents for Ukrainians

  • Bachelor/Master Diploma in any field with Supplement
  • 6 coloured photos, sized 3x4 cm
  • Copy of identification code
  • ID (Passport or Permanent Residence Permit) (original and copy)
  • Military card or military service registration certificate (copy)

Admission documents for foreign applicants

  • Invitation for study (original) - will be sent by «KROK» University
  • Notarized passport translation into Ukrainian (2 copies)
  • High school certificate (with marks/grades) translated into Ukrainian (original and copy)
  • Medical Certificate
  • HIV Test
  • An open-end return ticket
  • 12 photos 3,5x4,5 cm

*Document package must be handed in person by an applicant

Study duration

  • 2 years, 90-120 ECTS credits

The product of the study

  • State Master Degree Diploma on the licensed major

Where to obtain degree

Languages of instruction and workflow

  • English

Mode of study

  • Full-time / Part-time

On programs content issues turn to

Helen Medvedieva

Helen Medvedieva
Doctor of Science, Professor

tel.: +380 95 560 84 29

On organizational issues turn to

Nataliya Borulko

Nataliya Borulko
Project Manager

tel.: +380 50 626 96 97

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