Tourism Degree

Tourism is a global industry that offers a variety of career paths that you can't discover in other industries. It is one of the most promising, dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which accumulates fully available recreational, cultural and historical potential. The development of the tourism industry is an important factor in the economic development of the state.

Upon completion of the degree program, students will be able to:

  • Employ a basic knowledge of tourism to facilitate successful transfer in those disciplines.
  • Employ knowledge of event management components and their centrality to tourism businesses.
  • Identify the components that contribute to the unique aspects of tourism as a business.
  • Interpret statistical data utilizing critical thinking skills and its application in the tourism industry.
  • Explain the international growth and emerging impact of the tourism industry.
  • Model professional decorum and behavior.

Majors’ details:

Field of study

  • Services Sector

Where to obtain degree

Languages of instruction

  • Ukrainian

Mode of study

  • Full-time / Part-time

Social Services