Postgraduate Studies

Scientific Majors
Doctoral Studies

«KROK» University offers Doctoral Studies in the following fields:

  • 21.04.01 – State Economic Security
  • 04.21.02 – Economic Security of Economic Entities

To Doctorate level those, who have PhD, scientific achievements and published works of selected scientific major and are able to conduct high-level fundamental, search and applied research, are eligible.

Postgraduate Studies

«KROK» University is one of the first in Ukraine private higher educational institutions, which was given the right to train scientific and pedagogical and scientific personnel of higher qualification. From 1997 to 2000 it was a Postgraduate course on the basis of single authorizations reception, since 2000 - permanent Postgraduate Studies.

In Postgraduate school of University researchers are trained in the following majors:


  • 05.13.22 - Program and Project Management


  • 08.00.02 - World Economy and International Economic Relations
  • 08.00.04 - Economics and Enterprises Management
  • 08.00.08 - Money, Finance and Credit
  • 04.21.02 - Economic Security of Economic Entities
  • 21.04.01 – State Economic Security


  • 12.00.01 - Theory and History of Law, History of Political and Legal Studies


  • 19.00.06 - Legal Psychology
  • 19.00.10 - Organizational Psychology; Economic Psychology


  • 23.00.02 - Political Institutions and Processes

The management of Postgraduate students is conducted by well-known in Ukraine scientists, doctors, professors. Postgraduate students are able to conduct testing of research at the University, and publish scientific articles in international professional journals: «Legal Bulletin of «KROK» University» (legal, psychological sciences), Scientific Notes «KROK» University» and «Foreign Trade. Economic Security» (economic sciences) as well as in the scientific journal «Project Management and Production Development», the co-founder of which the University is.

Educational and Scientific Library of University, modern computer base and communications will help Doctoral and Postgraduate students in scientific research.

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