Scientific School
«Innovative Development Management
in the Era of Knowledge Economy»

The Scientific School is chaired by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technics of Ukraine Valentin A. Rach.

Professor Rach is the scientific supervisor and consultant of 4 prepared and successfully defended Doctoral Thesis and 14 PhD (Candidate's) Thesis done in 4 scientific majors.

Scientists of our School have been conducting research and scientific activity since 1993 on the basis of the authentic learning methodology and own scientific research results in such fields as Project and Program Management, Enterprise Economics and Economic Security, State Governance, etc.

Training and workflow are in English

Master Degree Program in English

  • Field: «Administration and Management»
  • Major: «Management»
  • Specialization: «Project Management»
  • Previous educational background: Bachelor/Master in any field
  • Duration: 2 years (4 semesters), 120 credits ECTS

Educational and Scientific PhD training program in English

  • Field: «Administration and Management»
  • Major: «Management»
  • Specialization: «Project and Program Management»
  • Previous educational background: Master in Management/Project Management
  • Duration: 4 years