The development of modern means of transportation, information systems, communication systems and telecommunications opens up significant opportunities for rapid dissemination of information, technologies, goods and financial resources. Modern economy moves from manufacturer to the consumer market. To succeed and always win in the competition, the manufacturer must take into account the needs of the consumer and create a product or service in the way the customer wants to see it. Rapid changes in demand and preferences of consumers regarding the quality of products delivery lead to the need of reducing the volume and timing of deliveries, reducing backup time and materials stocks. To solve the problem of individual customer orders just a flexible system of production and sales of products that are the direct sphere of Logistics Management or Logistics must be used.

Logistics as a managerial field of study teaches how to manage the international flows, especially traffic control and flow of reserves and resources. Logistic manager studies the optimal transport to deliver the goods, i.e. one that is cheapest and will do the job in no time. Another sphere where the principles of logistics are implemented is warehousing that is directly related to transportation of goods and a certain part of its paths from producer to consumer. In general logistics principles are implemented in three spheres: transport, storage, and customs.


The acquired competencies and abilities during the study of Logistics major:

  • possession of the skills of logistics organizational structures formation within the enterprise management system;
  • analysis of the organizational structures of logistics within the the enterprise management system;
  • determination of the problems of formation and development of logistics technologies at the enterprises;
  • modeling of business processes in the logistics of enterprise;
  • making of the diagnosis of problems of formation and development of logistics technologies at the enterprises;
  • use of the integrated application of innovation technologies and investments in logistics;
  • carrying out of the process of teaching and evaluation of results of educational activity.
  • ability to form the world view, human life development, society and nature, spiritual culture;
  • ability to examine social phenomena in the development and specific historical conditions;
  • capacity for self-regulation and a healthy lifestyle;
  • ability to work with information including global computer networks;
  • ability to justify managerial decisions and the capacity to ensure their eligibility.

«KROK» University trains specialists in "Logistics" major (with optional component "Logistics of foreign operations") that are capable for independent practice in domestic and international business at different levels and directions of modern logistics management and can work in economic, industrial, financial, marketing, logistics, trade, foreign economic services of enterprises and organizations, as well as in academic institutions which are specialized in researching problems of logistics management system of foreign trade operations.

Graduates can work as agents of clearing and forwarding, transshipment complexes heads, managers and controllers of supply, customs inspectors, agents in commercial services, assistant directors of enterprises and so on.


Logistics can be considered at several levels: at the international level, the level of the country and the enterprise level. At «KROK» University Logistics is studied at the Faculty of International Relations, it is clear that there are trained professionals who can work at the highest - the international level, experts focused on foreign trade, able to implement the principles of modern logistics management, primarily in domestic enterprises, cooperating with foreign partners.

The students - future logistics managers study such subjects as: general theory of logistics, international economic relations, marketing, basic economic theory, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, supply and inventory management, international economic law, international logistics, foreign trade, customs, commercial logistics, risk management in logistics, information logistics, quality management of logistic service.

To pass the practical training of future specialists material and technical base of leading enterprises of Kyiv and Kyiv region, which operate in the field of logistics services, are available.

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  • Bachelor in Management
    4 years/ 180-240 ECTS credits
  • Master in Logistics
    1-2 years/ 90-120 ECTS credits

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