About KROK

Corporation of Education and Personnel Development

«KROK» University is one of the first private educational institutions of Ukraine, IV (highest) accreditation level. It was founded in 1992, and in 2015 according to the ranking «TOP-200 Ukraine», it was recognized as the best private educational institution in Ukraine. In 2015 «KROK» celebrated its 23 anniversary of successful activity. The University is a part of a larger educational corporation, which provides qualitative work to promote educational services and the development of students as professionals in selected fields, as well as interesting personalities.

«KROK» University Mission

The mission of our University lies in creation of an innovational education system for training of professionals, personal growth, scientific research and consulting that complies with requirements of informational society and corresponds to the needs of international and national labor markets. Such training system should be integrated into the world education sphere and directed toward democratic values.

Our strategic aim comprises:

Science - Education - Development - Health - Competitive advantages

In its development as the University of applied sciences and technologies the KROK University aims at upbringing the generation of healthy, educative citizens who possess up-to-date knowledge and business skills. The University offers professional and social self-realization possibilities to its employees and grants competitive advantages on international and national labor markets to its students.

Our values:

Freedom - Competence - Justice - Honesty - Responsibility - Transparency

  1. A right for freedom of debate and criticism and a right for academic freedom of professors based on a high level of their competence and trustworthiness that contribute to their continuous professional and scientific growth.
  2. Justice through personal respect and unbiased treatment; building of partnership within the University community; ensuring a right for comprehensive information, personal opinion and impartial argument solving.
  3. Personal honesty in unbiased judgment and decisions; elimination of fraud and plagiary; liability in executing administrative and social status responsibilities.
  4. Keeping University's transparency to ensure public monitoring of academic activity, participation and influence of various interested parties (employers, parents, students, alumni, professional organizations) on determination of main working directions and susceptibility to constructive criticism, international attraction and tolerance.

Who we are

Founded in 1992 «KROK» University is one of the first private higher educational institutions in Ukraine. In 2003 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine accredited the University at the IV (highest) level.

Though our University is comparatively young, we have accumulated academic traditions and practices that make KROK a unique place for students and staff:

  • Modern professional education in the sphere of economics, finance, management, law and international relations
  • Attitude to the student as the client, trainee and partner
  • Individual approach to each student
  • Small academic and tutorial groups
  • Creativity and active learning encouraging
  • Innovative and interactive methods of teaching and learning
  • Staff professional and personal development
  • Combination of academic freedoms with permanent improvement

The main goal of the University is to provide students with qualitative training and facilitate their competitiveness on the labour market. The University’s success is the result of well-coordinated work of highly qualified professionals who elaborated an efficient training system.

At present, the University enrolls students to departments of full-time studies (including overseas students) and part-time students. Over 500 second degree and postgraduate students obtain the second higher education, undertake various professional development and retraining courses. «KROK» University set up preparatory departments within Kyiv and 16 regions of Ukraine. In 2002 the University established Pre-training (Linguistic) Department for foreign citizens.

Overview the courses offered at «KROK» University.

Overview the License and Accreditation of «KROK» University (the page is in Ukrainian Language)

Total Quality Management

«KROK» University is certified by the system ISO 9001:2009

On May 12, 2010 «KROK» University has received a certificate for quality management system, which certifies that the quality management system in relation to the rendering of services in higher education, complete secondary education, vocational education, retraining, research, development and scientific activities according to the valid documents in Ukraine meets the requirements of SSU ISO 9001:2009 (ISO 9001:2008)*.

* SSU ISO 9001:2009 is a National Standard of Ukraine, which is recommended for the certification of quality management systems. The requirements specified in the Standard correspond to valid laws of Ukraine.

This Standard is the official translation of ISO 9001:2008 «Quality management systems - Requirements».

Grading system of «KROK» University

For the evaluation of students' knowledge at «KROK» University 100-point University scale and national scale are used. Terms of correspondence between scales are listed in the table.

Comparative Table of Evaluation

University scale Marks for the extended scale Ukrainian Grade
А 90 and higher EXCELLENT – excellent performance with few mistakes excellent
В 80-89 VERY GOOD – above average level with some mistakes good
С 70-79 GOOD – generally correct work with a number of significant mistakes
D 60-69 SATISFACTORY – not bad, but with many drawbacks satisfactory
E 50-59 ENOUGH – performance meets the minimum criteria
FX 25-49 UNSATISFACTORY – still needs to work before getting the positive mark unsatisfactory
F 01-24 INAPPROPRIATE – thorough and elaborate work is needed with repeated study of module (discipline)

Note: Grade “F” presupposes the obligatory repeated study of the subject. During the repeated study the relevant educational element is referred to the individual educational plan of the student for the next academic year.


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