This section is a guideline for International Students willing to study at «KROK» University. «KROK» University is one of the first private educational institutions of Ukraine, IV (highest) accreditation level. It was founded in 1992, and in 2015 according to the ranking «TOP-200 Ukraine», it was recognized as the best private educational institution in Ukraine. «KROK» University has wide range of facilities: dormitory, canteen, computer labs and educational and scientific library, as well as medical service and security for the convenient staying of all the students, moreover, the distinguishing feature of KROK is its’ dynamic student’s life. All this information you can find in this section.

More information is available under the following address: 30-32 Laherna St, Kyiv, Ukraine, «KROK» University, room 418 or leave your message and we will contact you.

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