One of the crucial factors of the University successful activity is creation of the most sufficient living conditions for students.

The purpose of the University residence hall is to support «KROK» University mission by working to make housing's components effective, relevant and having the confidence of the University faculty, staff and students.

The mission of the University dormitory is to provide a residential experience which supports the academic mission of the university and extends student's educational experience beyond the classroom.

The Housing Office strives to fulfill the following:

  • be the authority on student needs, satisfaction, and retention on the campus.
  • serve as an advocate for student issues.
  • be engaged in vital partnerships with university departments to pursue policies and goals of mutual interest.
  • to lead student learning initiatives based on student development principles.
  • be based on a spirit of open communication, honesty, trust and mutual respect among all students and staff.
  • be strategically managed and focused.

The University offers accommodation in one of the 2 dormitories, for approximately 550 students. There are 3-4 beds rooms in each dormitory. The students are provided with refrigerators and other facilities on demand. There are also kitchens and utility rooms in each dormitory.

The University Housing Office carries out the following to provide the most comfortable conditions for the residents:

  • There is a twenty-four-hour security post operating at the dormitory entrance. The security is responsible for monitoring the established schedule and order.
  • The rooms are furnished according to a special project that enables the residents to use space in the most efficient way.
  • Drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking, using drugs etc. are strictly forbidden within the residential dormitory.
  • The University dormitory has its own health service that provides first medical aid in the case of an emergency.
  • The counselor at the residential hall is always ready to respond to students’ questions or concerns and assist in solving conflicts or misunderstandings caused by the residential conditions or relationships with other student residents.
  • Sanitary conditions in the dormitory meet the sanitary requirements of the State Epidemiologic Inspection.
  • The kitchens, bathrooms and showers have been recently renovated and equipped with modern appliances



Students and staff are provided with meal services at the University cafeteria that can hold up to 120 visitors and offers various meals from soups and salads to snacks and beverages. Taking into account the academic schedule shifts the cafeteria is open from 9 AM till 9 PM meeting students’ and faculty members’ needs in all-day food service. Besides the above mentioned the University provides students with all the necessary facilities for individual physical training in 3 gyms equipped with modern training machines, sports equipment and playgrounds. It offers students a wide variety of healthy activities at all ability levels as well as opens opportunities for active competition, fitness conditioning, skill building, stress release, leadership development and peer socialization; provides students, faculty, and staff with programs that offer competitive, non-competitive, health promoting, and physical activity conducive to their personal development and overall wellness within safe facilities and fun-filled environments.

Computer Facilities and Library

Computer Facilities and Library

The University offers a wide range of computer and Internet facilities. All students and staff have free access to Internet in 12 computer labs equipped with up-to-date software and in the library. The overall amount of computers is about 500 including those installed in the library reading room. This amount of personal computer stations provides students with assistance in research work, writing term papers, thesis etc. The University IT Centre provides technical support and maintenance services connected with computer or any kinds of equipment.

Students majoring in any subject can find programs that will benefit them and be helpful in their studying. Specific software is designed to fulfill all the needs of students majoring in Law, Economics, International Relations, Marketing, Finance, Banking and others. There are also computerized labs for conducting social and marketing research.

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Andrii Lotariev
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Oksana Nazarkevych
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