PhD Programs in English

«KROK» University is one of the first in Ukraine private higher educational institutions, which was given the right to train scientific and pedagogical, as well as scientific personnel of higher qualification. From 1997 to 2000 it was a Postgraduate course on the basis of single authorizations reception, since 2000 - permanent Postgraduate Studies, since 2016 - on the basis of licenses for conducting educational activities at the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education.

In Postgraduate school of University Doctors of Philosophy applicants are trained in the following majors in ENGLISH:

  • 051 Economics / field of knowledge – 05 Social and Behavioral Sciences / Order of Ministry of Education and Science № 590 of 30.05.2016
  • 073 Management / field of knowledge – 07 Management and Administration / Order of Ministry of Education and Science № 707 of 23.06.2016
  • PhD Program in English of Scientific School

The students have the right to participate in Mobility and Exchange Programs.

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