Scientific activity is an intellectual creative activity aimed at obtaining and using of new knowledge. Its main forms are basic and applied scientific research (the Law of Ukraine «On scientific and scientific and technical activity»).

As it is known, scientific work along with educational and training processes are an integral part of any educational institution. At the University the scientific work is carried out since the early days of its creation.

In accordance with the priorities basic tasks in the field of scientific activity were identified and implemented:

  • Organization and conduction of the scientific research aimed at implementing of the priority directions of science, technology, science intensive technologies and education, use of all opportunities to improve the relevance of scientific work at the University as the basis of staff training and scientific, socio-economic and cultural development of the country;
  • Training of scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • Engaging of talented students in scientific research;
  • Creation of necessary conditions which stimulate scientific activities;
  • Organizational and methodical management of international and patent-license activity;
  • Organization of scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions, presentations, etc.;
  • Preparation of monographs, manuals and textbooks, scientific-methodological and other literature according to the subject of the University.

The main areas of scientific research of the University are issues of economics, law, economic security, international economic relations, legal regulation of economic relations, criminal and legal protection of the economy, organizational, economic and legal psychology, psychological support of enterprise financial and economic security. Today, scientific and teaching staff of the University is working on topics of the research «Problems of the Information Society Development: Economic, Administrative, Legal, International, Humanitarian and Technological Aspects» (state registration in UkrISTEI 0109U005026).

Results of scientific research of scientists and young researchers may be published in professional journals of University like «Scientific Notes of «KROK» University»

Andrii Lotariev

Andrii Lotariev
Director of Institute of International Education

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