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Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre is a platform for the development of talented and creative students and «KROK» staff.

It is a place where creative ideas that are then embodied in corporate and traditional festivals are created (International Students' Day, Halloween, Valentine's Day, University Birthday, March 8, May 9, etc.).

The centre also conducts performances for children of employees, students and partner schools, as well as for children with special needs.

As part of the Cultural Centre there are three successful art studio: Dance Theatre «KROK» Theater studio «Crocodile», vocal studio «KROK».

All interested persons can pass through the casting to art studios and outside the educational process attend rehearsals and participate in numerous concerts and other special events.

Student Council

Student Council

Student Government is an important part of society development, which promotes the education of young managers and organizers. Student Council of «KROK» University influences the change in living conditions in the hostel, helps in the creative and scientific activities, is involved in matters of international exchange, participates in the academic councils, expresses the students’ opinion, which the administration takes into account.

Student Council actively implements the projects for University students. Among them are: «KROK gathers friends», «Warning – Here is the personality!», «KROK Mister and Miss» and so on. Moreover KROK activists carry out the operational activity: draw up international student cards «ISIC», conduct developmental business game «WECANOMY» and assist on 15% return of tuition fees. Charitable Community also operates within the activity of Student Council.



Combining professional and personal development is possible through the participation in projects or in the activity of project group «SPG».

«SPG» - is a responsible, creative and focused team that creates and implements educational, social, corporate and PR-projects in order to create high-quality professional environment.

University students, who are interested in developing of media skills, are able to join the media group «KMG production» of «КRОК» University. Members of the media group acquire knowledge in shooting, editing, photographing, and then implement them in practice by creating their own media projects.

For qualitative implementation of media projects «КRОК» University has provided the group with technical equipment and its own equipped room.

Also all the students can participate in Charitable Community in order to help Tsiuriupinsk orphanage or those, who are interested in environmental protection can join Environmental Club «LOTUS».

Andrii Lotariev

Andrii Lotariev
Director of Institute of International Education

Oksana Serdiuk

Oksana Serdiuk
Project Manager

+380 44 455 69 83, ex. 118, 267
[email protected]

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