International Projects

The international cooperation at the University is rather systematic and mutually beneficial. It facilitates the participants’ mobility, provides intellectual, professional and personal growth, and expands the world outlook and cultural experience of Ukrainian and international students. One of the priority directions of «KROK» University international cooperation policy is the participation in different international projects among them:

  • Project WIPATH (Workshops for Introduction of Practical Approaches in Transforming the Higher Education in Ukraine), carried out in cooperation with Sevilia University (Spain), Higher Business School – Louis National University (Poland), Innovations Techopark (Sweden) is a significant contribution to higher education development in Ukraine;
  • Project "Business Management Education in Ukraine" (Poland-Ukraine) is aimed at improving the Ukrainian management education system.
  • Academic seminars in implementation of management training standards for young teachers in the sphere of interactive teaching methods (ECTN, Higher School NOVI, Trust Fund of the Netherlands);
  • Teaching methods seminars for the majors Foreign Activity Management (Krems University of Applied Sciences, Austria);
  • Training of professional in the sphere of municipal administration within the Ukrainian-Dutch joint project in Administrative Transfer conducted with support of the Ukrainian Cities Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands;
  • PROJECT «UKRAINE - NORWAY» aims at professional retraining of regular soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine transferred to reserve and other uniformed services, as well as their families. The project is implemented jointly by Educational and Scientific Institute for Security Management of «KROK» University, International Foundation for Social Adaptation and NORD University (Norway);
  • Erasmus Mundus;
  • Erasmus+:
  • etc.

More information is available under the following address: 30-32 Tabirna St, Kyiv, Ukraine, «KROK» University, room 418, 415-1 or leave your message and we will contact you.

Andrii Lotariev

Andrii Lotariev
Director of Institute of International Education

+380 44 455 69 83, ex. 118, 267
[email protected]

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