Terms of publication in professional journals
Content requirements, order of materials processing and submission

Materials for publication are sent electronically to the e-mail addresses of journals editors’ office.

The e-mail should contain the following files:

  • Manuscript (file title - the author’s surname (co-authors in hyphenated form) with Ukrainian letter «с» after space: (e.g. Петров с.doc or Петров-Марков с.doc);
  • *review on recommendation of article for printing / extract from the department minutes on the recommendation of article for printing;
  • Author(s) details;
  • *agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive property right for the scientific work use;
  • *consent for the personal data processing;
  • Receipt of payment for publications and extras (if any).

Documents marked with «*» are sent in a scanned copies, and then originals are submitted to the Editorial Board Secretary (until the publication of the collection).

The obtained  materials are tested for compliance with the set of requirements. In case of their violation, the materials are returned to the author(s) with the recommendations for improvement. In case of failure of the author(s) to eliminate the shortcomings or their not removal within a specified term the collaboration with the author(s) on the publishing stops. Editorial Office does not review articles and does not conduct the discussions and correspondence with authors about the content.

Authors who at the time of materials submission for publication do not have employment relations with the University, submit the external review of Doctor of Sciences with a conclusion: «Article meets all requirements for scientific articles and is recommended for publication in professional journal». Postgraduate Students and External PhD Students submit the written positive conclusion of the scientific supervisor. The authors, who have employment relations with the University, submit an extract from the department meeting minutes on the recommendation for publication signed by the Head of Department.

Maximum number of co-authors - not more than three.

Editors reserve the right to change the title of the article, reduce its volume, make other editorial amendments, return for revision and, in case of negative review – do not recommend for publication in professional journals of University. Editors do not clarify the position of members of the Editorial Board on the reasons for rejection of the article. Editors have the right to refuse to publish the submitted materials.

Required elements of the article:

  • author’s details (in Ukrainian, Russian and English): full name; degree, academic status; place of employment (training), position;
  • title of the article (in Ukrainian, Russian and English);
  • structured annotation in Ukrainian, Russian and English (at least 350 characters);
  • key words (at least three and no more than eight);
  • formulation of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;
  • analysis of recent research and publications in which a solution of the problem is established and to which the author refers (link to publications and their analysis are compulsory);
  • defining of unsolved aspects of the general problem, to which the article is devoted;
  • setting of goals of the article (setting of statement);
  • main material of the research with full justification of obtained scientific results;
  • findings of this study and the prospects for further research of the topic;
  • literature (at least eight references to scientific sources; reference are presented within the text in square brackets; in the text must be at least one link to each used source mentioned in the «Literature»). References is made in accordance with DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) (GOST (National State Standard) 7.1:2006 «Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules for preparation»). Examples of bibliographical description are provided in the Bulletin of VAK (Higher Attestation Commission) of Ukraine, # 3, 2008 (Form 23, pp. 9-13).

Requirements for the article:

  • editor format – Microsoft Word (file extension .doc or .rtf);
  • formula editor – Microsoft Equation;
  • text font – Times New Roman Cyr, size 14;
  • line spacing – 1,5;
  • field: left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm;
  • for figures and tables: font - Times New Roman Cyr, size 12, line spacing - 1;
  • figures and diagrams are created using black and white palette exclusively through Microsoft Office, A4 format (portrait) and additionally are presented in the files of those programs in which they have been created (*.doc, *.xls, *.jpg);
  • background shading is not allowed in diagrams, as well as frames;
  • color graphics, background shading, volume figures and footnotes are not allowed!
  • article scope (with a list of references, tables, diagrams, etc.) – 8-10 pages, А4 pages;
  • article material is made with indicating the relevant chapters, statement should be clear, concise, number of tables, formulas and figures - minimal;
  • bibliographic description in the reference list is subject to the requirements of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine;
  • Language of article - Ukrainian, Russian, English (with appropriate implementation of specific requirements).

Forms (samples) of documents

Financial issues

The cost of publishing in international professional journal «Scientific Notes of «KROK» University» is 75 (seventy five) UAH per text page of A4 format with the following parameters: text font - Times New Roman, size 14; line spacing - 1,5; field: left - 3 cm, right - 1,5 cm, top and bottom - 2 cm.

Incomplete page of the text is charged according to the standard procedure.

The cost of publication includes the cost of one publishing copy of the journal in paper form, regardless the amount of co-authors in the article.

If the materials according to the results of scientific editing were not recommended for publication in University journals, the paid costs are returned in the amount reduced by ten (10) percent of the sum transferred for publication.

The following categories (without separate copy of the journal) publish for FREE:

  • Staff, who work at the University full-time at the time of the materials submission;
  • Doctoral students, PhD students and external PhD students who at the time of materials submission study at the University;
  • Members of the Specialized Academic Boards of the University D 26.130.01 and K 26.130.02;
  • Students, who study at the University at the time of materials submission, with the condition of publishing of the materials in collaboration with a supervisor (Doctor of Science or PhD), regardless of the nature of working activities of the latest (University staff member or part-time officer).

For the co-authors of the article, if one or more of them don`t belong to the privileged category, the proportional pay is envisaged for the articles publishing services in University journals.

Authors are entitled to use the following additional services:

  • Translation of the text from Ukrainian (Russian, English) to English (Ukrainian, Russian) language for two thousands characters the cost is 70 UAH
  • The cost for oral (written) consultations of the members of the Editorial Board on preparation of the article abstract, or elaborating the publication materials per 1 academic is 80 UAH
  • Processing of the list of references used in accordance with the current standards, bibliographic description costs 5 UAH per 1 item
  • Processing of the illustration materials (tables, figures) costs 10 UAH per 1 illustration
  • Preparation of a paper version of the journal by the author`s order costs 80 UAH per 1 item  
  • In case of inclusion of the materials for publication after the deadlines of materials collection, 50 percent from materials publishing are paid additionally
  • In case of inclusion of the materials for publication at the stage of making a ready-to-print file, 100 percent of the cost of materials publishing are paid additionally.

Payment can be made in cash (in Cash Office of the University) or by bank transaction.

Beneficiary’s name: «KROK» University
Account No.: 26009455014172 in JSC «OTP Bank», MFO 300528
OKPO (National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations) code 04635922
Purpose of payment: Payment for publishing the article in (name of publication) (name of the author(s)
Payment for (title of additional services) (name of the author(s)

Working Hours of Cash Office of the University:
Monday through Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
Lunch break: 1 pm – 2 pm

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