Psychologist profession does not lose relevance. It is always in demand caused by the life peculiarities of modern person which is outstanding, rapid and overfilled with emotions and stress. Whoever is not assured to skip hard times while qualified specialist is always ready to help.

The scope of specialist in psychology knowledge and skills application is very broad. They are needed everywhere: starting with kindergartens and schools up to the large corporations as staff psychologists, counselors, staff managers. Psychology is relatively young science which has huge prospects because the material which it faces is the human mentality and it will be always interesting for studying.

There are some qualities that should have everyone who wants to choose psychology major: to be interested in humans, in own inner world, in science, in research process, to have a desire to help, advice, communicate and have a positive attitude to life, striving to make other happy and help them. In addition, psychology studying trains person how to be happy. This science is interesting first of all by investigating itself and discovering others throughout its own personality. The psychology explores both individual and the whole society. It covers almost all areas of people life.

The Psychologist might be able to be applied in the inner world of person through establishing a contact. Expert in Psychology first of all should love people. This is the main condition under which one can become a professional whom people can commit their innermost thoughts and all problems that worry them. Psychology expert is the person who can listen and hear, convince other, support conversation and express gratitude, interact with people who are in different psychological situation.


The acquired competencies and abilities during the study of Psychology major:

  • possession of means of theoretical analysis, modeling, psychological diagnostics, psychocorrection, mental, psychological and organizational consultancy, modern interactive and information technologies of education; innovative methods of training and research activities management;
  • ability to use professional-specialized knowledge, skills and abilities to solve socio-psychological, educational, scientific and methodological problems in specific social and psychological situations;
  • ability to apply rational methods of search, selection and use of the information to carry out scientific research and methodological work in the field of scientific organization of labor;
  • ability to use knowledge, skills and practical skills in the field of Psychology during the theoretical, empirical and psychodiagnostic research.
  • ability to use professional-specialized knowledge and practical skills in psychological disciplines to study the socio-psychological, managerial, organizational, political and pedagogical events and processes;
  • ability to conduct psychological analysis of the socio-political, managerial, organizational decisions;
  • ability to use professional-specialized knowledge and practical skills to solve practical problems in the field of Psychology.

The graduates of Psychology major can work in the following areas:

  • educational sphere - kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities;
  • scientific and research work;
  • health care, medical institutions;
  • commercial organizations, corporations;
  • military organizations;
  • social services;
  • private practice of psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

And this is not the whole list of the application of knowledge and skills of Experts in the field of Psychology.


The real benefit might bring only a specialist, who received qualified professional education. For being qualified Psychologist students of University acquire all the necessary range of disciplines – from Humanitarian and Social and Economic Cycle (Law, Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Logics, Cultural Studies, History of Ukraine, Economic Theory etc.), Natural Science Cycle (Foundations of Biology and Human Genetics, Principles of Demography, Anthropology, Pedagogy, Foundation of Computer Science, Mathematical Statistics, Psychological Philosophy, Psychophysiology etc.) up to professional courses and practical trainings (General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, Psycho Diagnostics, Legal Psychology, Methods of Teaching Psychology etc.). Besides, students can choose a number of professional oriented trainings including Modern Trends of Foreign Psychology, Conflictology, Labor Law and Social Security, Psychological Service Organization in Business, Psychology in Advertising. However, the important fundamental knowledge of psychological theory would be supported by relevant practical skills. That is why various seminars, practical and communication trainings, testing, business and role games for students are organized by lecturers of University

«KROK» University offers the following educational programs:

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