Quality, Standardization and Certification

Quality questions quickly become actual in different areas of a national economy – from the food industry to agriculture, from mechanical engineering to education. In reply to needs of the society at «KROK» University the major “Quality, Standardization and Certification” was opened. Opening of this direction has coincided with the general tendencies of an intensification of the European integration processes, protection of the rights of consumers, improvement of quality of domestic production and image of national commodity producers.

The essential increase of entrants quantity, who wish to get education under the major “Quality, Standardization and Certification”, really confirms a considerable urgency and importance of experts in this field.


Graduates will acquire the following competencies:

  • knowledge of the structure and content of the constituent documents of the institution (business unit) in the field of standardization, certification and quality according to defined development strategy;
  • understanding of the mechanism and technology of decision-making on planning, coordination, management and control, as well as the interaction of organization (business unit) with other stakeholders on matters concerning standardization, certification and quality assurance;
  • knowledge of content of managerial actions on provision of the organization (business unit) for standardization, certification and quality with qualified staff and the necessary resources;
  • understanding of processes and procedures content, as well as methods of the administrative service of institution (business unit) for standardization, certification and quality activity management;
  • knowledge of the concepts and modern technologies of organization standardization, certification and quality management system;
  • ability to develop strategic and ongoing programs of the organization (business unit) activity in the field of standardization, certification and quality according to defined development strategy;
  • ability to design a system of social and environmental safety of organization (business unit) for standardization, certification and quality;
  • ability to develop draft documents on provision of the professional capacity of institution (business unit) staff and creation of safe and enabling environment for professional activity;
  • ability to manage economic activities of the organization (business unit) for standardization, certification, quality and qualified personnel; to monitor and control the implementation of the chosen strategy and tactics of the organization (business unit) for standardization, certification, quality and development strategy.

Graduates in this field of study can work as Head of Institution for Standardization, Certification and Quality; specialist is trained to work in all sectors of Economic Activity.


Disciplines, taught within the program:

Standardization, Certification and Testing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality Management, International Standards of Quality Management ISO 9000 and Environmental Management ISO 14000 and other Modern International Standards and Management System, Statistical Quality Management Methods, European and International Standards in the Field of Correspondence Evaluation, European Legislation in Technical Regulation, International Cooperation, Innovative Activity Organization, Project Management, Information Technologies in Quality Sphere, Standardization and Certification.

Program peculiarities

In 2003, the certification body of Ukrainian State Scientific and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology and Certification (UkrSMC) was first held Master's Program certification for compliance with applicable regulations. Every 2 years the following certification was conducted and today it is in force until 2012. Certification confirms the high level of Master training majoring in "Quality, Standardization and Certification" at «KROK» University and the training program adequacy to similar European educational programs.

More details at Institute for Post Diploma Studies

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