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3rd COOPERA Expert Workshop, combined with Steering Committee Meeting in ASEM, Moldova 3rd COOPERA Expert Workshop, combined with Steering Committee Meeting in ASEM, Moldova 23-24 November 2023, the 3rd COOPERA Expert Workshop, combined with Steering Committee Meeting was organized in the frameworks of...

Finance, Banking and Insurance

The development of the financial market and the strengthening of the relevant economic processes (in particular, the intensification of competition) in some of its segments force financial institutions to seek new forms and ways of positioning their services. The aggressive nature of the banking sector development, the continuous improvement of financial services technologies and the universalization of financial and credit activity in general are the main factors in the emergence of modern forms and methods of conducting savings and investment business. Globalization, international integration and growing competition make banks and insurance companies continually increase, reformat, and update their services. An important place in the list of stimulating factors for the development of integration processes in the banking and insurance business is the desire of financial institutions to maintain (or even increase) the level of profitability of their activities. In these conditions, the effective way to achieve such a goal is to use competitive advantages by consolidating capital and proposing new integrated products.

At the current stage of development of the Ukrainian economy one of the priority directions of state policy is to ensure its financial security. In the conditions of the openness of the national economy and the strengthening of its dependence on the dynamics of the global economy and the processes of globalization, it becomes obvious that the prevention of both external and internal challenges and threats is evident.

That is precisely what determines the increased need for Financiers, and it is these necessary knowledge they can obtain while studying at «KROK» University.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study of Finance, Banking and Insurance major:

  • mastering in analysis methods of Enterprise Financial Activity;
  • ability to use obtained practice concerning Enterprise Management;
  • mastering in financial accounting, analysis of enterprise financial outcomes, financial controlling and in development of amendment measures;
  • ability to use in practice a knowledge about state finance system: budget planning and accomplishment, its exchequer service etc.;
  • mastering in insurance, leasing and other financial affairs.

As a result the experts in Finance, Banking and Insurance are able to carry out detailed substantial impartial analysis of state financial system and enterprise financial activity outcomes, as well as to provide specific appropriate recommendations and suggestions on the basis of conducted analysis.


Experts in Finance, Banking and Insurance has the rights to perform as an Insurance Agent, Securities Dealer (Seller), Appraiser (Assessment Expert), Expert in Assets Management, Expert in Financial Economic Security. Financier should be able to manage the funds efficiently, to determine tax charges correctly, to act in the financial markets and to protect savings from inflation. Another field where Finance graduate can realize himself is Banking. Every banker should know how the bank operates including the understanding of resources relocation process, the financial services industry construction to concentrate on the client’s interests, credit accommodation activity, business plans and business activity assessment determination; where better to invest, revenue forecasting, marketing activities implementation - financial services developing and forecasting. It is also important to be able to seek for monetary resources in the world market and attract them to Ukrainian. At present, banks have quite branched activities that causes the need of proficient specialists who possess the high level of up-to-date knowledge and skills. That is why the University insists not only on required courses but also on work experience gaining within chosen profession as University’s cooperation with leading Ukrainian banking institutions allows going through the professional internship.

After graduating with the state diploma student can apply for following internal posts within banks:

  • Financial Departments Manager within Financial Banking Units who fulfills the operations on Monetary Resources Relocation over Credits, Securities, Foreign Exchange, Real Estate
  • Credit Transactions Expert within International Currency Payments and Commercial Banks
  • Monetary Subdivisions Expert at National Bank of Ukraine, Commercial Banks, Subsidiaries and Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Ukraine

Majoring in Finance, Banking and Insurance, students master subjects which form the origin of their future careers: Macro- and Microeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, General Theory of Finance (Money and Crediting, Corporate Finance), Economic Analysis, Financial Management, Financial Services Market, Tax System, Enterprise Financial Activity, Foreign Countries Finance, Portfolio Analysis, Economic Risk, Stock Market and Marketable Investments. In recent years, financier profession became an occupation of prestige. Highly qualified finance specialists are required at government, business and consumer organizations, banks, tax services, investment trusts and insurance companies.

Students study following subjects: Banking Maintenance of Enterprise, Banking Business, Accounting and Auditing within Bank, Information Systems and Technologies within Banking Sector, National Bank of Ukraine and Monetary Policy, Bank Management, Monetary System, Bank Marketing, Bank Supervision.

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Accounting and Taxation

Those, who choose the field of study of "Accounting and Taxation", choose a responsible job, which requires the specialist deep economic knowledge, attention, concentration, persistence and perseverance, but which is required in every sphere and which is always in demand. The important element of the competitive advantage of the «KROK» University graduate is the thoroughness of the complex of obtained knowledge and the possibility to apply them in practice in a dynamic business environment.

The prospective for the student who studies Accounting and Taxation is not just to be an Accountant, but also to be the analyst, who is able to manage the economic and financial departments of the enterprise, forecast its development, conduct qualified expert evaluation of the property, ownership evaluation, give the necessary recommendations on its preservation control and most efficient use.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study of Accounting and Taxation major:

  • to interpret the economic facts in accordance with their nature (content) and form of reflection in the management to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • possession of legal knowledge of universal role, be aware of the Constitution of Ukraine provisions, International Law. Systematically enrich, analyze and apply legal instruments in the professional activity;
  • possession of the skills of financial accounting, analysis of financial results of the enterprise activity, financial control and the development of measures to improve them;
  • to use the acquired new knowledge and innovations in practice. To work on personal computers toward the possession of advanced technologies for the preparation of testing, documentation, obtaining the information through the physical media, INTERNET system, E-mail;
  • to take into account in the activity the specifics of the work-related relations on the enterprise, responsibility for made decisions of individual officials and enterprise in general, do not violate subordination in relations and interests, agree the solutions, strategy of the activity of department or the whole enterprise with regulations and current legislation.

In the labour market, the demand for highly professional accounting, auditing and taxation specialists has always been high, and in today's environment, it is growing even more. Graduates of this educational program can successfully work in accounting services (chief accountants, accounting and auditing specialists), financial services (financial managers, financial analysts), and planning and economic subdivisions of various business entities, as well as in managerial positions. Departments of accounting and reporting in Ministries and departments. With strong theoretical knowledge and a certain length of work in the chosen educational program, accounting, auditing and taxation specialists can engage in audit work and manage the financial services of a wide variety of economic actors.

The versatility and specificity of the training makes it possible for graduates of "KROK" University educational program "Accounting and Taxation", to quickly and successfully adapt to the modern requirements in the labour market and find themselves in prestigious and high paying positions in various fields of business or to start their own business.


The students study the following normative and professional subjects: Economic Theory and Economic History, Higher Mathematics and Probability Theory, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Finances and Credit, Enterprises Economics, Systems of Technology, Accounting, Marketing, International Economics, Economics and Mathematical Methods and Models, Legal Support of Economic Activity, Management of Personnel and Labour Economics, Strategic Management, Business Planning, Foreign Language, Management, Economic Analysis, Audit, Financial Accounting, Analysis of Economic Activity, Accounting and Reporting in Taxation.

Students of the educational program "Accounting and Taxation" are practicing, enriching their theoretical knowledge and acquiring practical experience in public and private economic enterprises, financial institutions, audit companies, state fiscal authorities, commercial banks, etc.

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Economics may be called the art of housekeeping. Use of knowledge can show, for example, how to use resources to reach maximum profits with minimum expenses. It is said that students who learn economy actually study the mechanism of the company existence, regardless of its size (small business or large multinational corporation) and ownership form.

Graduates of Economics and Entrepreneurship Faculty have a wide range of areas where they can implement the skills and find the willing job on any enterprise, any organization or institution that may exist in the state economic system. Economist profession is occupation of prestige. However, becoming real pro needs a substantial theoretical training along with practical experience gaining and «KROK» University helps students to attain the needed.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study of Enterprise Economics major:

  • possession of methods of analysis of the results of enterprise economic activity, the ability to calculate the performance of effective activity;
  • to use in practice the acquired skills in enterprise management, be able to calculate the actual and projected labor productivity in the enterprise; to determine the number of personnel by categories, departments, professions and positions; calculate the complexity of the production program of the enterprise;
  • possession of skills to identify provisions of the economical use of production resources by units, products, cost elements; to calculate the cost-effectiveness from introducing austerity use of resources in the production;
  • possession of skills to determine the enterprise production capacity and reserves to use the enterprise production capacity; to determine an adequate level of resourcing output; to perform the necessary calculations of scheduled economic indicators; to be able to do the pre-market analysis;
  • to be able to determine the position of the enterprise relative to competitors, its competitive advantages;
  • to possess skills in financial provision of investment projects, investment risks.

As a result the experts in Enterprise Economics are able to conduct a comprehensive, thorough, objective analysis of enterprise financial and economic activity analysis; on the basis of the conducted financial and economic analysis they are able to prepare appropriate recommendations and suggestions.


Graduates of «KROK» University may hold positions of specialists of economic units and services of enterprises of various forms of ownership, in particular, state and commercial financial and credit structures, after the successful completion of studies in the field of Economics. The University creates the appropriate conditions for students to study foreign languages, therefore, for graduates of KROK, prospects for working abroad are opened.


The students majoring in « Economics» should attend following professional disciplines: Business Analytics, Economics of Civil Organizations, Small and Medium-Sized Business, Innovative Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Technologies in Business, Consulting Entrepreneurship, Organization of Production, Entrepreneurship in Foreign Economic Activity, Planning and Control at an Enterprise, Potential and Enterprise Development, Project Analysis Strategy of Enterprises, Cost Management, Capital and Enterprise Management, Financial Entrepreneurship, Pricing in Business etc.

Those who got basic higher education, seeking to deepen their knowledge in the economic sphere and build their own career, can continue their studies at the Specialist's degree and Master's Degree studying Financial Management, Strategic Enterprise Management, Project Management, Human Resources Management, International Management, Economic Diagnostics, Production Potential Management, Economics and Enterprises Association Activity Organization etc. Students can likewise choose a number of elective trainings for instance Pension System, Business Entities Lending, State Financial Control, Financial Monitoring, Corporate Finance Management, Production Management etc.

The University provides students with an internship. Likewise, during the training process, every student can contact the Career Development Center and get a consultation on resume writing, employment, job proposals reviewing.

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Marketing courses are much in demand among applicants. Profession prospects and the allowance to exercise your creativity become the reason why people choose Marketing among other Economic courses. A person who desires to become a Marketing specialist should be active, creative, be able to analyze and draw conclusions, observant, interested in the world, have a positive attitude to life.

The labour market is constantly transforming. And marketing to some extent becomes the driving force behind this process, the push to changes, improvement tool that helps the company to be always relevant on the market. Marketing specialist is a leading expert in market economy. It can be said that the existence of any company begins with Marketing, as knowledge about its principles guarantees establishment and effective conduction of entrepreneurial activity. The activity of each company starts with market research, consumer analysis, examination of goods and services offered, conditions investigation which is essential for company’s prosperous activity.

Each company should focus on consumer demand in goods and services providing, prices conditions, most suitable product features etc. and namely Marketing specialist defines what kind of product should exactly be, its features, the information about it, which way is best to bring the product to the audience and how the product will be delivered from manufacturer to the consumer at the right time and in the required amount.


The primary core competency of marketing is the ability to identify with the wants and needs of the target customer and communicate the company's brand image and product value in such a way as to elicit a favorable reaction from that target customer. Trend identification, strategic planning, message creation and effective communication in written and graphic form are all skills needed for marketing.

There are six core competencies, which the graduate of Marketing Activity possesses:

  • Marketing Acumen
  • Analysis and Information Gathering
  • Building Beneficial Relationships
  • Contextual Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Personal Responsibility

Graduates of Marketing major are working with primary base information that provides original principles of planning and business enterprises, accumulate the necessary experience in marketing, understand the basic principles of operation of the business, can professionally perform their duties in the economic, industrial, commercial, marketing services of companies and organizations in the departments of sales, logistics, advertising, etc. After graduation, young professionals can occupy marketing and economic marketing positions at planning, purchasing and marketing departments. While collecting more experience, they will occupy positions of Marketing Analyst, Marketing Team Manager, Head of Marketing Department within companies.


However, to become a professional in marketing field acquires a substantial education that would be the grounds for successful career building. Marketing students study disciplines in Humanitarian Cycle (Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Ukrainian Language, Foreign Language, Law, Sociology, etc.), in Natural Scientific and General Economic Cycle (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Mathematics for Economists, Economic Informatics, Management, Finance, Money and Credit, International Economics, etc.) and Professional Training Cycle (Commodity Market Infrastructure, Logistics, Marketing Product Policy, Marketing Research, etc.). Some part of courses is elective (Institutional Economics, Social Economics, logistics, Economic and Mathematical Models in Economics Management, Finance, Economic Analysis, Professional Performance on PC, Purchase Marketing, Commodity Science, Marketing Audit, Services Marketing, Bank Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing Analysis etc.).

Theoretical training is combined with the practical. There is own market research laboratory at "KROK" and while students are studying they may participate in scientific activity presenting the results of made market research at scientific conferences. In addition, the University provides students with places for internship activity. Every student can address to Career Development Center which provides advices and consultations on interview with the employer, resume drafting and on available job proposals review.

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International Economic Relations

Economic globalization, which has become a sign of the modern world economic development, puts forward new requirements for specialists training. It requires experts who are well versed in the laws and tendencies of the global market environment, able to analyze it, make proper decisions about the activities of companies in this environment, possess the skills to conduct business negotiations, own the basics of cross-cultural management. International Economic Relations major training is focused on such experts. It allows future specialists to freely navigate in economy and law, the peculiarities of national psychology and social organizations of different countries, to know the problems of global economic space.

Mandatory study of several foreign languages enables the empowerment activism in international business, successful participation in the negotiations, and the development of individual intellectual abilities. To realize themselves in practice as international economists, students study a wide range of professional, as well as general disciplines including international marketing, international finance, international economic activity of Ukraine, international economic law, accounting in foreign countries, international trade, international investment, international organizations, information systems and technologies in the international economy etc.


The acquired competences and abilities during the study at International Economic Relations major:

  • possession of research methods as well as methods of reporting and analysis of specific situations in international economic relations, international economic transactions development;
  • ability to analyze the place of countries in the world economic environment and make decisions relating to foreign economic activity subjects entry and stay in it;
  • ability to use in practical activity legal basics of business dealing in international environment and modern information systems and technologies;
  • ability to explore the prospects of enterprises activity internationalization, to apply a global approach to solving practical problems;
  • ability to perform other necessary professional production functions, typical tasks and demonstrate skills that should ensure effective professional work in practice.

As a result the experts in International Economic Relations are able to conduct a comprehensive, thorough, objective analysis of the international economy and foreign economic activity and prepare appropriate specific recommendations and proposals, use information technologies to solve experimental and practical problems in the field of International Economic Relations.

International Economists are engaged in organization, planning, coordination, analysis and monitoring of international trade, developing of exit strategies on export markets and their implementation, development plans, foreign trade, looking for foreign partners and the conclusion of their foreign trade transactions, conclusion and administering of agreements with foreign banks. They need to have a good knowledge of conflicts resolution mechanisms


Graduates of International Economic Relations major may occupy the following positions: Expert in Assets Management, Trade Expert-Organizer within Securities Market, Expert in Exchange Transactions, Expert in Financial and Economic Security.

Specialists in International Economic Relations can work as experts-consultants on businesses, which provide foreign trade, researchers of research institutions and laboratories engaged in research and teaching. This profession is for focused and hardworking. Collaboration with foreign companies, travels to different countries expand horizons, make it possible to see the world, get to know the customs, lifestyle and national characteristics of other nations. In addition, the International Economic Relations is one of the most highly paid professions.


International Economic Relations in Ukrainian is offered for citizens of Ukraine and International students, who finished the preparatory course in Ukrainian.

International Economic Relations in Russian is offered for International students only. The training is conducted in the international environment, which creates the comfortable atmosphere for foreign students.

International Economic Relations in English. «KROK» University implements the specialized educational program «KROK-Exclusive», which was developed by the leading experts in International Relations. From the first year of study 100% of disciplines within the program are taught in English. The study of the German language is compulsory, the third language is optional. This program provides ideal conditions for the formation of professional knowledge and skills in International Economic Relations.

Another program that is studied within the International Economic major is a joint Ukrainian-Austrian Export Oriented Management Program. Participation in it allows students along with educational program of «KROK» University to master training course of Austrian University of Applied Sciences IMC (Krems) and along with Ukrainian state diploma get the diploma of a foreign institution. The program is accredited by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria.

During the training the students of International Economic Relations major may participate in Mobility and Exchange Programs

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