The National Conference «Legislative Regulation of Mediation in Ukraine» The National Conference «Legislative Regulation of Mediation in Ukraine» On July 18, 2019 the National Conference «Legislative Regulation of Mediation in Ukraine» (MEDIATS) was held in Kyiv.
The most valuable opinion about the University is its recognition! The most valuable opinion about the University is its recognition! During the 2018-2019 academic year, «KROK» University has been successfully presented at international and the All–Ukrainian e...


Higher education in Nursing is a level of highly skilled health worker capable of performing managerial functions with the possibility of successful employment, professional growth and the launch of private medical practice. The knowledge gained at «KROK» University provides the widest possible career prospects after graduation.

Bachelor of Nursing of a new formation is:

  • provision of highly skilled care,
  • possession of basic methods of resuscitation, emergency medical care,
  • perfect knowledge and application of local protocols and standards for the implementation of basic Nursing manipulations and procedures,
  • knowledge and application of management and its methods,
  • ability to make an independent decisions.

The introduction of state-of-the-art medical technologies requires Nursing students to continually improve their theoretical and practical skills.


Key professional competence of Nursing major is the ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in the field of Nursing, which implies application of certain theories and methods of the corresponding science.

Other competencies acquired are:

  • Creativity: Innovative solutions are the product of divergent thinking and creative problem solving. Nurses can demonstrate divergent thinking by identifying problems and developing a broad set of solutions. This is similar to brainstorming, and it is a catalyst for creative ideas.
  • Change management: Nurses should be able to support and guide change within their organizations. The ability to embrace what is new and different and help it develop “roots” is an important role for nurses, especially in such a dynamic environment. At the same time, organizations need to be agile and flexible to successfully adapt and even thrive when the unexpected happens. This is more likely to occur in a culture where creativity is recognized and rewarded.
  • Considered risk-taking: Creative problem-solving results in bold, often risky ideas. Yet risk-taking is often looked upon negatively in health care, and focus is placed on minimizing risks to prevent errors and reduce harm. Considered risk-taking is an intentional and thoughtful process where both benefits and potential problems are taken into account before an action is pursued.

Nurses are healthcare workers specializing in treating and educating patients and their families on their own overall health.

Nurses work alongside and assist physicians and they perform typical duties, such as administering medication, therapies and treatments, recording patients' statistics, and consulting with healthcare clinicians.

Specific duties often vary depending on the place of the nurse's employment. Some nurses work with the elderly in nursing homes, some nurses work in emergency rooms, and ambulatory care nurses can treat patients needing only outpatient care in physicians' offices or in the patient's home.

«KROK» University provides an opportunity to practice in prestigious establishments of the city, where a student, subject to its successful passing, will be able to continue to work or start a private medical practice.


Features of the educational program:

  • use of educational technologies that enable students to learn from high-level university professors who are genuine specialists in their work;
  • possibility of choosing a future specialization (Therapeutic Massage and Optometry (Optics), thanks to elective disciplines;
  • teaching with the help of modern technical means, multimedia complexes in specialized classrooms;
  • use of modern teaching methods: real practical situations, teamwork, decision-making;
  • participation in international projects.

Main disciplines studied while learning process:

  • basis of nursing;
  • examination and assessment of the state of human health;
  • clinical nursing (internal diseases, surgery, pediatrics);
  • nursing in family medicine;
  • medical and social rehabilitation;
  • medical and pharmaceutical commodities;
  • health economics, healthcare marketing;
  • management and leadership in nursing;
  • organization of entrepreneurial activity etc.

Graduates with a Bachelor Degree can continue their studies for obtaining Master Degree in Management, educational program «Health Care Institution Management»

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Journalism today unites the whole world. It gives the opportunity to stay relevant. The Journalist not only covers events, but also influences life, knows everything earlier than others. You can witness all the events in person and by your eyes the whole world will see it. The information is the most expensive thing, therefore the Journalist should be balanced, impartial, truthful, responsible for his/her word. It is from the journalists that public opinion depends.

The Journalist is a creative profession, so we will help you to support and develop your talent. By mastering the theory and practice in the field of Journalism, you will better identify the specifics of your own psychophysical type, you will be prepared for public work, will learn how to collect information and process it, prepare it in the form of various written and oral texts, create publications. Since the Journalist should be erudite, universal, fully informed, you will be helped to expand your knowledge in the field of history, culture, international relations, diplomacy.


Knowledge acquired by students in the learning process:

  • theoretical knowledge and methods concerning the influence of the mass media on society and the individual;
  • awareness and ability to use the latest technical means for creating information materials;
  • theories and methods of journalism;
  • knowledge and understanding of the subject area and understanding of professional activity;
  • laws of mass-information activities;
  • functions and principles of journalism;
  • means of its effective influence;
  • ability to select facts and interpret them.

Person who has a degree in Journalism can carry out professional activities in the field of mass information activities and hold primary positions in government bodies of various levels, in international and non-governmental organizations, in commercial structures and research institutes, and to hold positions: Journalist, Correspondent, International Journalist, Columnist, Radio/TV Presenter/Author.


The main subjects, that students study are: Sociology of Mass Communication, Foreign Language, Second Foreign Language, Practical Stylistics. In addition, students have the opportunity to study three foreign languages in-depth (basic - English, two languages from three for the choice of student: German, Spanish or French). Professional disciplines are: Fundamentals of Journalism, Media Security, Journalism, International Journalism, Business Journalism, Internet Journalism.

The internship of students is arranged at news agencies, mass media, media companies.

During study, students can create their own projects, own newspapers, participate in the media group KMG production, whose main tasks are the development and implementation of media projects for the provision of video and promotion of SPG projects.

Journalist is a practical major, which is why the educational process is full of practical workshops and excursions. In particular, students visit television channels, workshops and success stories of eminent journalists etc.

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Professionals are always valued on the modern labour market, and Designers represent a popular and highly paid major. But if you consider that engaging in such a business is not only prestigious, but also very interesting, it becomes clear why the profession of Designer is so popular among applicants. Design is the art of layout, stylistics and beauty. The scope of design combines a number of directions. In addition, the design denotes a multifaceted contemporary specialty.

The professional training of Design specialists is based on the study of adjacent design of the types of project activities in the field of technology and the design of various types of technological production from various materials.

Young Designers will actively apply their professional knowledge and participate in design contests and art exhibitions that help to develop a professional vision of the world.


Knowledge and skills that students acquire during their learning process:

  • knowledge of the compositional construction of design objects;
  • knowledge of ergonomics and artistic design;
  • designing skills and design technology
  • design drawing skills
  • knowledge of colour studies to create a colorful solution to the future design object

A person who has a Degree in the field of Design can carry out professional activities in the field of design industry, entrepreneurship in the field of creative industries, and hold primary positions in government bodies of various levels, in international and non-governmental organizations, in commercial structures and research institutes for relevant profile.


Training of specialists in the field of Design is carried out at the Department of Design.

Design is an up-to-date and demanded direction.

«KROK» University offers the following educational programs:

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Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity

In countries with a developed market economy, entrepreneurship, with all forms of ownership and at all levels, in particular large, medium and small businesses, has proven to be an extremely powerful source of socio-economic growth. This sector of the economy plays an important role in ensuring both macroeconomic and meso-microeconomic stability, innovation growth, increasing the efficiency of the employed population, creating new jobs and easing social tension. That is precisely what makes the need for training highly qualified entrepreneurs able to fulfill their growing demands and advantages in market relations.

Experienced lecturers of «KROK» University will provide future specialists with thorough theoretical knowledge and help them to master the latest methods of assessing and analyzing business structures, adapted to complex, contradictory and changing requirements of market relations, as well as teach them about modern methodology and methodology for making managerial decisions.

The department carries out the training. It focuses on attracting students to a scientific work. The department has a scientific discussion group, the work of which facilitates the convergence of lecturers and students and the expansion of professional competencies of students.

Within the curriculum, students are given the opportunity to get a certificate of professional Appraiser of Real Estate. This strengthens the competitive position of future professionals in the labour market.


The acquired competencies and skills during the study of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity major:

  • Professional Practice
  • Systematic Inquiry
  • Situational Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Reflective Practice
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Understanding Program Evaluation
  • Building an Evaluation Framework
  • Improving Program Performance
  • Evaluating for Results
  • Research Methods (Design, Statistics, Qualitative Methods, Measurement, Other)
  • Evaluation (eval-specific logic & methodology; theory & models/ approaches; social, political, & cultural context; planning, budgeting, contracting, & management; computer & database skills; reporting & utilization; metaevaluation & standards; history & nature of the evaluation profession)
  • Cognate Expertise

During the study, students can apply to the Career Development Centre and get advice on writing the CV, employment, and reviewing available job offers.

The Appraiser determines the value of tangible and intangible assets, is a kind of consultant, which promotes the adoption of the most optimal solution for the sale and purchase of these assets. The realtor provides services for the sale, lease of residential and commercial real estate. The Developer assumes the functions of the building owner, defining its maximum use efficiency and optimal payback of the project. In addition, a solid economic knowledge enables the graduate in the field of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity to start their business, engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Knowledge of international standards, including assessment activities, understanding of the general scheme of enterprise activity, and the study of a foreign language at the University, give a chance to work abroad for prospective students.


Graduate of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity major has a wide range of areas of realization, and therefore, there are great chances to choose exactly the work that will please him/her. It can work in any structures that operate on the real estate market - appraisal, real estate, real estate developers etc. The job of the manager of such structures is one of the prestigious and necessary. However, in order to become a true specialist, one needs to get a thorough theoretical training and gain practical experience. «KROK» University helps students in this offering Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activity major at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

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