09 April 2024

It is a common practice in the IT community to provide feedback. Therefore, we thank the Department of Student Affairs and Student Council for the opportunity to join the magical universe of art. On March 27, 2024, on the International Day of Theater, the Dance and Theater Performance «GRAND HOTEL KROK» was shown. This event was also attended by degree-seeking applicants of group KN-23 attended this event and shared their impressions.

D.D. Yegoreichenko: «The event was exciting and energetic. Impressive dances aroused great admiration among the audience, creating a unique atmosphere of joy and sophistication. The performance impressed with its choreography and professionalism of the performers!»

I.I. Badylevich: «I really liked the event, which showed a lot of images and very cool dances, I think everyone enjoyed the event."

A.R. Nyzhnyk: «It was a great performance, I would go again. I really liked the dances, especially the part in the pool!»

K.A. Yanin: «An interesting event, I really liked it. The participants of the concert were very good at conveying sad and happy emotions, and the whole concert seemed very exciting. I think most people also enjoyed it very much, it was a good opportunity to spend time.»

A.O. Vaskevych: «I really admire what K-dance Theatre and Voskband do. I'm sure that if I didn't need to work or had a scholarship, I would have joined them myself and taken an active part in all these events. The play «GRAND HOTEL KROK» is impressive, full of interesting dances and talented characters. I watched this performance with enthusiasm and did not even have time to catch those moments when I was sitting with my mouth open in admiration. Very cool and impressive. Thanks to K-dance Theatre and everyone for the opportunity to see it.»

09 April 2024

On April 1, 2024, Fantastyka-KROK (Science Fiction Fans Club) met to discuss the possibility of traveling in time in literature and cinema. The participants actively discussed the books «The Legacy of Professor Puliui», «The World Factor» by contemporary science fiction author Ihor Silivra and «The Institute of Noble Assassins» by Valeriia Malakhova.

The meeting sparked an interesting discussion about the butterfly and Mandela effects, the theory of relativity, a nd also mentioned prominent science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov and Herbert George Wells. Each of the participants joined the discussion, presenting their own views on time travel.

Students of the Department of International Relations and Journalism, namely Viktoriia Kravets and Daniila Kostiuchenko, joined the meeting of the group. Their active participation reflects the fact that the group combines various specialties of «KROK» University and reflects the versatility of each of the participants.

The next meeting of the group is scheduled for May 6 in the reading room at 15:00. The topic of the next meeting is «Visualization». During the discussion, we will talk about the RPG style and the series «The Art of the Sword Online».

We invite everyone interested to join the discussion!

05 April 2024

"KROK" University offers to spend an academic semester in Europe! Would you like to learn about mobility (exchange) programs and get information about scholarship programs?

Hurry up to register for the each semester information event Erasmus Day by filling out the form. Registration is compulsory

Erasmus Day will take place on April 16, 2024 at 13:00 online at Microsoft Teams*

*The link will be sent to registered participants by corporate mail.

Follow the news in the Facebook group KROK_Exchange.

22 March 2024

Haliç University Invites You to Experience Studying at Istanbul in Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2024-2025 Through Erasmus Grants Within Erasmus+ KA171 Project!

Amount of grant: 800 €/month+275€ travel costs.

Departments and Quotas

Department / Unit Language Total Quota
Business Administration English 1

Course Catalogue

Application Requirements

  • Being a full-time student enrolled in a program of a HEI, in any education degree (primary, secondary or tertiary)
  • For Bachelor students; having minimum 2.20 Grade Point Average out of 4.00
  • For graduate students; having minimum 2.50 Grade Point Average out of 4.00
  • The minimum foreign language proficiency level is B2 (Intermediate).*
  • Having at least 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or equivalent study load per semester (Students who have not fulfilled the requirements for graduation yet).
  • The total period of joining the Erasmus+ program is one semester.

* Students can count the results of the English exam they have taken before, or the results of the foreign language exam (CPE, CAE, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic). If the student does not have any English Language exam result, the English exam has to be organized by the sending University. Minimum 60 points out of 100 grade system is required.

How to Apply?

* Motivation Letter and CV is not included within the scoring criteria. If there are applications with equal scores, motivation letter and CV can be taken into consideration.



Send your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more details, please, turn to International Office or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

contact person: Anna Drobyna, Head of International Office.

20 March 2024

Olha Dyshkant, a student of "KROK" University majoring in "Psychology", currently is participating in the exchange program with EU HEIs under the Erasmus+ program. Olha talks about her study abroad experience at the University of Foggia, Italy:

"I am sincerely glad that I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ mobility program. Experience, acquaintances, travels and studies - a pool of unforgettable moments. I immersed in another culture, met new people who lived and thought differently. University and studies are definitely worth it! I became more confident, revealed my potential, improved communication and many other skills”.

19 March 2024

On March 11-15, 2024, the Study visit was organized in the frameworks of the Erasmus+ project «Integration of Dual Higher Education in Moldova and Ukraine / COOPERA» was held at University of Lleida, Spain. 

The following universities and organizations took part in the event: 

  • Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova 

  • Technical University of Moldova 

  • Free International University of Moldova 

  • Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova 

  • Uzhhorod National University 

  • KROK University 

  • V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University 

  • Odessa National University of Economics 

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 

  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, GERMANY 

  • Varna University of Management, BULGARIA 

  • Akademia WSB, POLAND 

  • European Policy Development and Research Institute of Maribor, SLOVENIA 

"KROK" University was represented by the next project team: Andrii Lotariev, Director of the Institute of International Education; Halyna Bogachenko, Director of International Project Office; Oleksandr Karlov, Director of Career Development Center and Olena Vovchenko, Associate Professor of the International Relations and Journalism Department. 

During the study visit, the participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the experience of dual education organization in Spain, to visit different campuses at Lleida University, enterprises that implement the practical component of educational programs, in particular Parc Agrobiotec Lleida, Corporació Agroalimentària de Guissona. 

Many thanks to the University of Lleida team for organization of such an interesting and efficient event and to all partners of #COOPERA team for active participation! 

19 March 2024

“KROK” University has joined the consortium of “UP University” within the European University Initiative as an associate partner. The coordinator, Artevelde UAS has submitted its UP University proposal to the EUI 2024 call, together with 9 other universities and universities of applied sciences.

Founded in 2021, UP University is an alliance of 10 universities and universities of applied sciences strategically uniting 125.000 students and 10.000 staff members among the four corners of Europe.

The consortium mission is to empower individuals, igniting a spark within them to instigate positive transformations not only in their regions but also far beyond. We believe in the transformative potential of active citizens who drive regional innovation, shaping a future that is not just sustainable but also inclusive.

Our focus extends to crucial areas, including health and wellbeing (SDG3), sustainable communities (SDG11) and responsible production and consumption (SDG 12). Strengthened collaborations between the partners, intensifying institutional integration of the consortium, and partnerships with other EUI consortia have encouraged the consortium to seek formal recognition and funding in the 2024 European University Initiative call.

As Ukraine gained EU membership candidate status, for “KROK” University being the part of alliance of other EU HEIs is the sign of strong support and commitment.

We are grateful for such a unique opportunity!

14 March 2024

On March 02, 2024, «KROK» University hosted an eSports tournament in two games - DOTA 2 and League of Legends - that was expected by many fans of computer games.

Fans of these games actively arrived at the University at the specified address. The tournament organizers met the guests and led them to the shelter, where fans and participants sat comfortably in a special room, watched the broadcast of the matches and waited for their turn to play.  Sometimes it was loud and noisy, but it was all the emotions of the audience.

League of Legends fighters were the first to face off and the winners were determined as a result of the matches:

1st place - Danylo Shumenko from Professional College, group PR-23k.

2nd place - Oleksandr Savchyn from Educational and Scientific Institute of Psychology of «KROK» University, group PS/EKP-22.

DOTA 2 part of the tournament aroused a little more interest at the registration stage, so the participants actively responded to the start of this game. The broadcast room was filled with comments and discussions of players' tactics. And when another participant defeated the opponent at the decisive moment of the fight, it was like a "Goal!" at a football match. Eventually, the tournament resulted in the final battle between the two best fighters and the winners of DOTA 2, namely:

1st place - Artem Sirosh from Professional College, group KN-22k.

2nd place - Mykyta Lishchuk from  KROK preparatory courses.

All winners were awarded diplomas and prizes.

This is not the last such tournament, so stay tuned for announcements.

See you next time!

14 March 2024

On February 29, 2024, the University hosted an extremely important and productive meeting with an «old» friend and reliable partner of «KROK» University, who shared not only interesting and relevant information on trends in AI and IT, but also made a gift to the University in the form of drones.

Mykhailo Dvornychenko, a solution architect, founder of R&D company SK.AI and the educational project SK.AI Academy, co-founder and head of the charity foundation Save Ukraine Life, visited the University.

During the meeting we discussed the plans to strengthen the educational and practical component of AI. Mykhailo drew attention to the growing demand in the labor market for specialists with experience in using AI in a broad sense. But special attention was paid to the launch of a project at «KROK» University to master the trendy area of drone use. Two main areas of focus have been identified. Firstly, it is the acquisition of skills and experience in the use of drones and the direct accumulation of flight hours among those who wish to do so. Secondly, it is the engineering component of drone use.

In general, we aim to increase awareness and practical experience in the use of drones among students at the University. With faith in Victory!

08 March 2024

On March 07, 2024, Institute of International Education of KROK University held an informational event onlinein the frameworks of the ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS program in Ukraine.

Webinar was organized with the support of the FolkUniversity, Sweden, for the members of association of Ukrainians in Sweden. The event gathered 35participants.

"KROK" University was represented by the team of the Institute of International Education:

  • Andrii LOTARIEV - Director of the Institute of International Education;

  • Halyna BOHACHENKO - Director of International Project Office;

  • Svitlana OLESHCHUK – Project manager of International Project Office.

The event program included the following activities:

  • Presentation by KROK University on how to participate in the program and what is required for it;
  • Online speech by Representatives of the Union of Ukrainian Economists in Sweden. They highlighted details about some economical aspects for Ukrainians of the procesess of oppenning and running a business in Sweden, and shared important advice to make their business legal and successful;
  • Q&A session with organizers;
  • Networking.

Many thanks to all the participants for interesting networking and to our partners for sharing invaluable insights, which will greatly contribute to the successful implementation of the project at KROK

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