December 2023 - «KROK» University
27 December 2023 In Current News

On December 21, 2023 "KROK" University as part of the Erasmus+ KA 2 CBHE Project “Integrating Dual Higher Education in Moldova and Ukraine / COOPERA” received the technical equipment.

Students majoring in Journalism (based on this major the dual education is being piloted) got a unique opportunity to combine theoretical training with real practical experience. Now the training of future journalists will be implemented with the help of media equipment, a portable television studio will help to create a qualitative media product. The COOPERA project provided opportunities for the students of "KROK" University for professional development in the field of media.

IT Center staff demonstrated the possibilities of new equipment, and invited participants to the yet another lecture room equipped for conducting the classes in a blended mode.

25 December 2023 In Current News

«KROK» University and tech giant Amazon have entered into a strategic partnership that opens the way to the future for Ukrainian students.

Under the agreement, Amazon has committed to supporting learning by providing advanced cloud technologies for academic purposes. This significant partnership will not only enrich the learning process, but also open up new horizons in the field of information technology for students. The integration of Amazon's advanced cloud technologies into the curriculum will create unique opportunities to gain skills and experience in using advanced technologies.

Director of the Center of Information Technology, Volodymyr Holovan, emphasizes: «We are confident that this partnership with Amazon will greatly enrich the educational process of our University, allowing students to learn and apply innovative solutions in the field of cloud technologies».

For students, this is not only a learning experience, but also a unique opportunity to gain practical experience with a technology leader. This will expand their opportunities in the labor market and help them to be competitive in the modern information society. A new stage in the development of education has begun, reflecting the efforts of the combined forces of «KROK» University and Amazon in shaping the future leadership.

25 December 2023 In Current News

On November 13-17, 2023, within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA 171 (mobility for teaching) academic mobility program, Maria Rastvorova, Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism at «KROK» University, visited the Faculty of Business at Haliç University (Istanbul, Turkey).

Maria Rastvorova had the opportunity to talk to the professors of Business Department - Dean of Business Management Department Prof. Dr. Zeynep Aslı ALICI, Head of Business Management Program Prof. Şahver Ömeraki Çekirdekçi and Associate Professor Dr. Sibel Demirel, with whom she discussed innovative approaches to teaching business disciplines.

During the week-long teaching mobility, Ms. Maria gave three lectures on «Destination Branding: how to make your destination popular and profitable?» for 1st, 4th year students and MBA students, as part of the following educational components: «Principles of Marketing», «International Marketing» and «Introduction to Business», as well as a lecture on «Project management in tourism within the challenges of the war» as part of «Project Management» course for 4th year students majoring in Business Administration.

«I am grateful to the Erasmus Office of Haliç University, Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education of «KROK» University and the Erasmus+ KA1 program for the opportunity to gain invaluable international experience!. I am sure that this mobility will strengthen academic cooperation between our universities and I will be glad to take part in the next international events initiated by the Educational and Research Institute of International Education!» - Maria Rastvorova shared her impressions.

25 December 2023 In Current News

Recently, as part of the Month of Ecology, a discussion panel was held with the participation of students from the KROK University's Professional College on the topic «Environmental Challenges of the Present: Ukrainian Contexts».

The event was held within the framework of the Erasmus+ project «Synergy of educational, scientific, management and industrial components for climate management and climate change prevention/CLIMAN».

The meeting was moderated by Serhii Khara, Head of the Environmental Education Department of the Holosiivskyi National Nature Park, who, together with the leaders of LOTOS, Sophia Vengrynovych and Pavlo Lebediev, and the leader of SSC, Denys Shtak, discussed with the speakers the important environmental issues that Ukrainian society is facing today. The topics of the reports were diverse and relevant.

We are grateful to all participants for their participation. We personally thank Serhii Hara for his support and significant contribution to the modern environmental education of students. We are grateful to LOTOS ECO and SSC assets for supporting students' scientific and research initiatives.

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