March 2022 - «KROK» University
25 March 2022 In Current News

We sincerely congratulate staff, talented students, caring parents, successful graduates on the occasion of 19 years of Professional College of «KROK» University. We are looking forward to discovering all the talents of future students - today's applicants!

Traditionally, it is a day of smiles, joyful meetings, warm hugs, and this year it is faith in a peaceful future, in Victory, because every heart beats in rhythm today - everything will be Ukraine! Everything will be KROK! We wish everyone creative inspiration and prosperity, success and realization of all plans!

Glory to Ukraine!

01 March 2022 In Current News

We’re from Ukraine!

And today I call on my colleagues around the whole world to unite and to stop the criminal actions against a peaceful, independent European country!

There is no truth in russian propaganda, there are no excuses for military aggression, there are no excuses for russia's war against Ukraine. Everyday people, soldiers who defend their homeland, civilians, children die. Every day the future of our country, the future of the whole world destroys! Do not be silent, because silence today is an agreement with Putin's crimes.

Appeal to the Governments of your countries: let's close the sky, let's stop any cooperation with Russia; let's not allow man-made disasters!

Let's not be silent! Word is your weapon; condemnation of war is your weapon! We sincerely believe in your support! We feel your support! All will be Ukraine!

Rector of «KROK» University
Sergii Laptiev

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