March 2023 - «KROK» University
31 March 2023 In Current News

On March 27-31, 2023, Anna Drobyna, Head of International Office, and Yuliia Bohdanova, Project Manager of International Office of Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education, took part in the International Thematic Week at Kodolanyi Janos University, Budapest, Hungary.

Representatives of partner higher educational institutions from Ukraine, Albania, Georgia, Japan, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were invited to the event.

During the international week, the participants of the event took part in lectures on branding in higher education, discussed the issue of internationalization and presented their HEIs at Erasmus Exchange Fair. Monitoring of the implementation of the Erasmus+ KA1 project and the double degree programs were discussed with Hungarian partners.

We thank our Hungarian partners for an interesting and productive week!

05 March 2023 In Current News

On March 08, 2023, «Unbreakable» prepared packages for women defenders with a variety of hygiene products, cosmetics, dishes, food, medicines, which were brought to the College by the participants of the action and purchased by the project leaders for charitable contributions.

5 parcels were sent to the wife of Dmytro Marchenko, a 2022 part-time graduate of our College majoring in Law. And 5 more parcels were donated by Unbreakable to the ArmWomenNow Foundation, which helps women serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is a great pleasure and honor to help our valiant warriors: the defenders of Ukraine who are defending our homeland from enemies. We thank everyone who participated in this charitable cause! Let's bring our victory closer together by helping our incredibly brave, persistent and unbreakable Armed Forces!

05 March 2023 In Current News

On March 07 and 08, 2023, the Student Council of «KROK» University and the Department of Student Affairs organized the charity fair «Bavovna Shop».

The Student Council and active students have made 30 cotton bouquets during the Charity Workshop project. On the first day of the fair in the hall of the University, all the bouquets were sold in less than 3 hours. The Student Council did not expect such a success. Therefore, the Student Council and the Department of Student Affairs had to produce 10 more bouquets for sale already on March 8. In total, 7850 UAH was collected during these two days. Proceeds were sent to support the Volunteer Medical Battalion «Hospitaliers».

We thank everyone who participated, together we are stronger, together we bring victory closer.

01 March 2023 In Current News

On February 28, 2023, «KROK» University hosted a roundtable discussion on «State Policy in the Field of Child Protection in the Context of War in Ukraine» with the participation of Daria Gerasymchuk, Advisor to the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and Child Rehabilitation, as an invited guest.

Anatolii Frantsuz, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work (Legal Education), Hero of Ukraine, Honored Lawyer, Doctor of Law, Professor, made an opening speech.

The issues of deportation, crimes against children during the war, murder of children, illegal adoption, genocide of the Ukrainian nation are things that need to be discussed and acted upon not only at the state level, but also "shouted" at the international level... It was a great honor for our University during the period of martial law to meet with Daria Gerasymchuk, Advisor to the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and Child Rehabilitation, who spoke about the work under martial law, in particular about the activities of the Coordination Headquarters for the Protection of Children's Rights under martial law, the Children of War portal, the Child is Not Alone chatbot, but most of all, all the participants of the round table were touched by the stories about the difficult path of returning deported children to their homeland. The topic is difficult, but we have to talk about it.

Ukraine is doing everything possible, but unfortunately, it is not enough... The usual tools of diplomacy do not work, the requirements of international humanitarian law do not apply to the aggressor, so there is no single mechanism. They will pay for each of the crimes. We thank those who are fighting today on all fronts for our Victory! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces!

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