July 2023 - «KROK» University
25 July 2023 In Current News

On July 25, 2023, a cluster event on digitalisation "Eurointegration: Ensuring Sustainable Development of Higher Education and Society in Ukraine."

The aim of the event was to disseminate leading experience and monitor the results of projects in the field of Higher Education Capacity Building, ensuring synergy among projects operating within a specific cluster, and promoting thematic priorities of the EU Erasmus+ Program, particularly quality, digitization, and inclusion.

Approximately 70 representatives from projects under the EU Erasmus+ Program's Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) strand, higher education institutions, and research institutions participated in the webinar.

Andrii Lotariev, the director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education and Galina Bohachenko, the head of projects and programs in the field of material (non-material) production at KROK University, presented the project activities of KROK University, the national coordinator of the project "Mediation: Training and Society Transformation" (599010-EPP-1-2018-1-NL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP-MEDIATS-Mediation: training and society transformation). They showcased the methods for promoting mediation values in Ukrainian society and introduced the partner institutions to the master's program in mediation at three Ukrainian higher education institutions.

Many thanks to the organizers - the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine and the National Experts on Higher Education Reform of the EU Erasmus+ Program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine!

20 July 2023 In Current News

KROK Business School has successfully passed the accreditation of Baltum Büroo OÜ - an international certification body based in Europe, the UK and the United States that specializes in ISO quality management systems, as well as provides professional certification and development for staff. Baltum Büroo OÜ is accredited by ASCB (Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies) and the International Register of Quality Assessed Organizations (IRQAO) and is one of the key players in the market for ISO, QHS, Information Security and Environmental standards certification. Baltum Büroo OÜ is also part of a partnership community with such prestigious international organizations as UNICERT (Germany), Swiss Approval (Switzerland), Bureau Veritas, URS (UK) and GCERTI (South Korea).

The quality assessment of KROK Business School programs was conducted by international experts on the principles of independence and objectivity. Now, graduates of the programs who have confirmed their level of knowledge and successfully passed the international certification examination can obtain the following certificates:

  • Professional in General Management (PGM)
  • Professional in Human Resource Management (PHRM)
  • Professional in Lean Production (Green Belt, Black Belt) (PLP)

International certification from Baltum Büroo OÜ provides a huge advantage for the career development of specialists in the national and global labor market, as well as for organizations, since an independent test of knowledge and confirmation of employee skills

11 July 2023 In Current News

On July 11, 2023, the recognition experts of ENIC Ukraine Center organized an online seminar «Recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Ukraine: validation and preparation of documents for recognition».

The event was attended by 224 specialists from 111 educational institutions. The seminar was attended by Andrii Lotariev, Director of Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education, and Yelyzaveta Halenzovska, Project Manager of Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education.

The seminar was organized with the financial support of the Council of Europe within the framework of the UaReNext project «Implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention - Support to ENIC Centers».

In their speeches, ENIC Ukraine experts spoke about the possibilities of conducting the validation procedure, reviewed in detail the requirements for the preparation of a package of documents, familiarized with the stages of the recognition procedure and answered topical questions on the topic of the event.

While working in separate workshop groups, the seminar participants had the opportunity to communicate with ENIC Ukraine specialists, took an active part in discussing practical cases of document verification, verification of the status of an educational institution and determination of the rights granted by an educational document.

05 July 2023 In Current News

On July 05, 2023, the first graduation of students majoring in Journalism took place within international project on dual education «Integration of Dual Higher Education in Moldova and Ukraine / COOPERA».

Within the frameworks of the project, the students gained practical skills in Journalism, worked directly in the production environment, and saw the daily work of media professionals from the inside. We are confident that they, having a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Certificate of completion of such a practice-oriented program, are ready to contribute to the professional journalistic environment with their own creative media projects.

We wish you a successful professional career!

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