Contact seminar on international credit mobility

15 April 2019

Within the period of April 10-12, 2019, representatives of the International Office of «KROK» University took part in a contact seminar on international credit mobility held in Warsaw (Poland).

The organizers of the event were the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Program and the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE). The seminar was attended by over 60 participants - representatives of universities and National Erasmus + Agencies from Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine and Poland. During the event a number of issues related to the organization and implementation of international credit mobility were discussed: search of partners and agreements on compliance with the obligations specified in the interinstitutional agreement; preparation of the application form; methods of communication between partners at different stages of cooperation - identification of the simplest and the most effective ones; tips for encouraging students to participate in mobility; work with the students before the mobility period starts, including issues of security and intercultural development; introduction of the Buddy system - how does it work and what are its’ benefits?

During the last day of the seminar, an important issue, that was discussed, was the full recognition of the mobility period and its’ highlighting in the supplement to diploma.

It was also the time for networking, during which the participants had the opportunity to find partners and establish new contacts.

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