The discussion as the beginning, or Rector sets the direction of further cooperation

10 June 2019

On May 21, 2019, Rector of «KROK» University had a good opportunity to show his quite profound knowledge of specific issue – the training of professionals in the field of real estate.

On that day, the President of the Expert Inter-Branch Association of Ukraine (EMAU) Olha Maksymenko and the Head of Inter-Branch Council on the Development of Professional Standards of this organization, Anatolii Topal, came to the Rector's office.

EMAU brings together individual experts as well as organizations and institutions that are experts in nature - specialized professional communities, professional associations, conformity assessment bodies and public organizations - on the principles of voluntariness and equality with the aim of representing and protecting the common interests of their members, coordination and consolidation of action on the principles of independence, professionalism and impartiality.

According to the legislation of Ukraine, EMAU established the Inter-Sectoral Qualification Council for the development of professional standards and professional qualifications in the field of property management, housing and utilities services, upgrading and other services in the real estate market.

An important area of activity of EMAU is creation of favorable conditions for professional growth, raising the qualification level of experts in expert activities through the formation and maintenance of a system of professional standards, deployment of a system of independent assessment, promotion of best practices in the implementation of standards for the management and operation of independent experts. During the meeting, the parties exchanged views on possible ways of training and professional development of specialists working in the real estate market.

During the conversation Mr. Laptiev shared his own vision of this process, which is based on international experience, and Ms. Maksymenko and Mr. Topal revealed the peculiarities of practical experience on the issue under discussion.

The conversation was joined by the Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics of «KROK» University Iryna Radionova and Head of the Laboratory of Property and Capital Management of the Department Viktor Dziubko, who outlined the possibilities and readiness of the department for the implementation of training programs - from short-term courses to preparation of Bachelors and Masters.

The result of the meeting was the signing of the Agreement between the Expert Inter-Branch Association of Ukraine and «KROK» University on cooperation in the field of training specialists for the real estate market.

From this moment a new stage of training of economists, specializing in real estate and enterprise economics in the real estate market, begins. We hope that soon graduates of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics together with diplomas about higher education will obtain certificates of specialists in real estate management and housing and utilities services and services in the real estate market. Everything good is ahead!

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