The launch of a unique educational program «Health Care Institution Management»

10 June 2019

On May 25, 2019, the unique educational program «Health Care Institution Management» specialty «Management», launched jointly by Institute of Medicine and Educational and Scientific Institute for Master and Postdiploma Studies, was launched at «KROK» University for the second time.

The guarantor of the program is Victor Alkema, Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Head of the Department of Management, the Excellence in Education of Ukraine.

The attractiveness of the program and its great demand are due to a number of highlights:

  • the first highlight is the involvement of three categories of teachers: leading professors in the field of Management, highly skilled top managers who have a personal and successful experience in managing the healthcare institution and expert consultants, representatives from reputable consulting companies that provide management consulting services to health care providers.
  • the second highlight of the program is the availability of an e-learning platform, which is the basis of the informal component of educational training.
  • in addition, the program's flexible and convenient schedule for the implementation of the Master's program is considered to be an important highlight.

All this contributes to a great motivation for learning and guarantees a high quality of training of competent managers capable for ensuring the success of health care facilities in the reform of the industry!

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