Congratulations to «KROK» University with the receiving of the International Certificate of the EU!

10 June 2019

At the end of spring 2018, in the framework of the accreditation case for the Bachelor’s Degree in «Export Oriented Management», as well as the Master's program «International Business and Export Management», our University was visited by independent experts from the European Union (Germany).

After careful long lasting study of accreditation case, the Board of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation (Austria) informed at the end of last year about the positive decision on accreditation of the Bachelor's program «Export Oriented Management» and the Master's program «International Business and Export Management».

«Export Oriented Business» is a promising educational program that allows almost all academic disciplines to be learned in English and, if desired, also receive the Austrian University's diploma in Export Oriented Management within the framework of the international Ukrainian-Austrian program.

«International Business and Export Management» is a program that is subordinated to the need for a clear and systematic understanding of the European business environment among professionals.

We sincerely congratulate the Department of International Economic Relations with successful accreditation and rejoice in good news!

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