Introduction Day 2019 for freshmen

06 September 2019

On the last days of August 2019 on the occasion of the annual celebration of Introduction Day 2019 took place in «KROK» University.

This year our friendly «KROK» University family has been filled with a record number of freshmen, who will not only add to the achievements of previous generations, but also will glorify the good name of «KROK» University.

Introduction Day is one of the most important events in the life of every student, occasion that will be remembered by freshmen forever: it is time when an applicant becomes a student, getting a student card.

The festive atmosphere was everywhere: in the courtyard the guests were greeted by the students dressed in mantles, they accompanied students to the place of registration. Near the Assembly hall first year students and their parents were entertained by a children's jazz band «KROK» conducted by Oleksandr Mykhailov.

The special atmosphere of the holiday was supported by the frisky dancing of the dance team «K-girls».

Later, Andrii Kuchko, First Vice-Rector of «KROK» University, congratulated the freshmen.

During the ceremony, the freshmen observed the obtaining of the most prestigious awards of «KROK» University the «Star of «KROK». It's an annual tradition where the best students and lecturers are recognized.

Though, the festive ceremony has finished, the students will recollect it with a smile for a long time.

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