College Talent Show Contest 2020

12 February 2020

On February 4, 2020, an important event, talent show contest, took place at College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies.

Participants have persistently prepared for the performance for several weeks to show their incredible talents and to win.

The diplomas for participation in the contest were awarded to:

Kyrylo Dolianovskyi together with his charming ballroom dance partner for the fiery dance performance Cha-Cha-Cha.

Valeriia Kropyvka for an artistic performance called «Black and White Performance». On the stage, Valeriia drew a portrait of Director of College Liudmyla Sumbaieva.

Anastasiia Pyrozhok for the dance performance «Escape from the Zoo». Anastasiia was accompanied by Dar‘ia Koblyk and Anna Slavna. The girls wore themed costumes that perfectly complemented the performance.

Luk'ianenko Dar'ia for performing the song «No One Wanted to Hear» in the duo «Yin Yang» with Kristina Mokh.

Yaroslav Pelovin and Anna Cher'iatiuk for presenting the song «Childhood» to the audience. The performance was very romantic.

Anastasiia Kalinina for a sensual dance performance «Slumber».

The contest was won by:

  • 1st place team of group IPZ «Fire rain»
  • 2nd place Daria Solodka, Vladyslav Razinkov, Viktoriia Yanchuk
  • 3rd place the duo of Olha Skyrto and Vladyslav Perevalov

We thank the jury, and this is traditionally alumni of College. In addition, we sincerely thank Ihor Potomka, Alina Holtseva, Elina Nurmatova, Vladyslav Shtak for their support, gifts and surprises ...

Many thanks to the actors, participants, students of College Student Council for their incredible impressions and emotions!

Here is the link to view a photo report:

Шоу талантів / КЕПІТ / 04.02.2020

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