Introduction Day 2020 for Freshmen

12 September 2020

On September 12, 2020, on the occasion of the annual freshmen's holiday, a traditional celebration of an important event for every student took place in «KROK» University!

Introduction Day for Freshmen is one of the most important events in a student’s life which will stay in the heart forever: it is the time that an Applicant becomes a Student, receiving their student card. Neither the coronavirus nor the quarantine conditions prevented our newcomers from opening a new page in their book of life, where the word «KROK» will now be immortalized under the chapter «Alma Mater».

Traditionally, guests were greeted by students dressed in robes, accompanying them to the place of registration. After that all of them had the honor to join the sacrament. The festive atmosphere of the ceremony was set by the boys and girls from the dance group «K-dance», led by the incomparable choreographer Alina Holtseva. Our constant hosts Valeriia Malikhova and Valerii Lysenko continued the drive. The icing on the cake was a wonderful performance of the Vocal Studio of the University together with their unsurpassed leader Valeriia Malikhova.

The First Vice-Rector of «KROK» University Andrii Kuchko, as well as Directors of Institutes, Heads of Departments and the Head of the Student Council delivered welcoming speeches. For many students and lecturers, this day was also an unforgettable event, because the most talented of them, as well as professionals in their field were awarded «Star of KROK».

In 2020, a special award «ArtEra» was introduced. It is given for a significant contribution to the development of art and culture at the University. This honorary award was received by the Head of the Vocal Studio «KROK» - Valeriia Malikhova. We wholeheartedly wish each of the freshmen to light their star in the constellation of the huge «KROK family». May that star burn through the centuries!

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