Presentation of Youth Projects «YOUNG Project Day»

12 October 2020

On October 9, 2020, within the framework of the #M18 project, a competition-presentation of youth projects «YOUNG Project Day» was held in the library of «KROK» University.

All participants had the opportunity to show their works, which is adapted to the quarantine requirements of today. This is the project «Time travel», and «Self-assessment training», «Week of scripted reality», and «How to spend time in quarantine in an interesting way», and «Trailer for a movie or how interesting it is to survive in quarantine», «Join the video», «English up», as well as «Tourist Tent Club». The imagination of young people has no limits. It is very nice that the partner institutions of «KROK» University joined this event: they are general secondary school №119 (project «School without borders!») And specialized school №16 with in-depth study of English (project «Say no to bullying in schools!»). In addition, College, a permanent participant of # M18 project of «KROK» University participated in the event.

Fair competition and fair evaluation of projects were ensured by an impartial jury.

Despite the great competition, because the projects were extremely diverse andexciting, the winners were chosen:

1st place - Sofiia Zherebets, Yuliia Kramarenko and Mariia Meita with the presentation of the project «Find your place in KROK».

2nd place - Yelyzaveta Tabunova and Valeriia Zamohylna-Hrushevska with the project «OpenArt for children and teenagers».

3rd place was shared by two teams - Kateryna Dorokhova with the project «Sexual education of youth and why it is a forbidden topic» and a trio team: Maria Ilyina, Alina Matsovita and Bogdan Rasskazov, who presented the bot «Psychological assistance to teenagers».

The winners got valuable prizes: eco-backpacks, pencil case and banana bag with the symbols of # M18 souvenir products of #KROK University, as well as cakes and pastries from the sweet partner of the project - Kyiv Bread Combine Ltd.

Congratulations to the winners and participants of «YOUNG project day». We hope that the works that were presented at the competition will be implemented! Good luck to you. Thank you to the organizers of the Forum and personally to Liudmyla Parashchenko!!!

Here is a link to view a photo report.

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