The First Project Initiative within the Framework of «EcoEthnoEducation»: Youth Art Photo Project

21 December 2020

The art photo project «Ukrainian Soul: from the Past to the Present» is an initiative of students, lecturers and alumni of «KROK» University and «KROK» University College, which aims to create a visual art vision of coexistence in Kyiv of traditional and innovative, ethno and urban styles, through the prism of artistic images of young people in such a conceptual way.

The selected photo locations are the most famous and historically significant places in Kyiv, such as Pyrogiv, Kyiv Metro, Mariinskyi Palace, etc. They made it possible to reveal the colors of our present, where technology, movement, urbanism are harmoniously combined with the traditions of our people, their eternal love for their land, human being and nature.

So urban and ethno in our lives are those dichotomies that form harmony, but require from us a responsible attitude and spiritual unity, humanism and tolerance for each other.

It is extremely gratifying that the first initiatives within the project, namely the art photo project «Soul of the Ukrainian people: from the Past to the Present» showed support for the concept of «EcoEthnoEducation».

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