Interactive Classroom Presentation

17 November 2022

On November 17, 2022, the traditional Meeting of teaching staff of «KROK» University took place. This year, they were held in a special format: for a sense of greater cohesion, lecturers-participants were gathered offline in a new interactive audience, which made it possible to connect online participants as well.

Due to martial law in the country, the educational process at «KROK» University is increasingly taking place in a mixed format (i.e., a combination of online and offline formats), because the use of such an approach to teaching helps to ensure the safety of students, and also gives a feeling of barrier-freeness - namely students , regardless of their location, can feel their inclusion in the educational process as if they were in the audience.

It is to be noted that there are already several such interactive classrooms at «KROK» University, and they appeared precisely at the demand of time. Powerful equipment (projector, web cameras, interactive whiteboard and a powerful computer) was purchased at the expense of a grant from one of the international projects in which our University is participating. With the help of a projector, you can demonstrate all the necessary information to the audience, a powerful PC processor helps to simultaneously reproduce visuals on the board offline and online.

During the meeting, A. Kuchko, Rector of «KROK» University, N.Litvin, First Vice-Rector, V.Holovan , Director of Information Technologies Department. presented an interactive classroom, demonstrated the full range of functionality of its work and key technological capabilities, and talked about the techniques of recording classes for online.

To conclude, interactivity, modernity, online and offline visibility at the same time. All this is the guarantee of flexible decisions that are made for the successful education of our students!

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