Creative Industries: Current Trends

26 May 2023

KROK Business School is a co-organizer of the international scientific and practical conference «Creative Industries: Modern Trends» taking place on May 24-25, 2023. The event itself was organized by Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.

The participation of KROK Business School as a co-organizer of the conference demonstrates the desire to share experience, as the topic of creativity and innovation is one of the priority areas of activity of KROK Business School, where business owners and managers learn to generate breakthrough business ideas and implement them.

The conference addressed and discussed such topics as trends and prospects for the development of creative industries, creative industries in crisis situations, innovative technologies in creative industries, education in the creative industries, creative industries in the social and humanitarian sphere, the role of creative industries in the development of the city and region, journalism and new media as a creative phenomenon. At the plenary session that opened the conference, Oksana Siedashova, Associate Professor at KROK Business School, International Ambassador for Creativity in Ukraine, spoke about creativity during the war.

During the presentation, Oksana Siedashova presented research on what is a source of inspiration during the war, explained how the concept of «creativity» is perceived and used by Ukrainians today, and demonstrated artworks by Ukrainian artists Artem Gusev and Maksym Palenko as examples of artists' reflections on the war and sources of support for the Ukrainian people. We are proud that it is Ukraine that puts a little more meaning into the concept of creativity: creativity as a way to solve serious problems; creativity as a force for unity; creativity as an opening for growth - even in difficult life conditions; creativity as a factor of survival and recovery.

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