«KROK» University is the leader of private education in Ukraine!

31 May 2016

Centre of International Projects of Institute of Applied Information Technologies published the results of the tenth anniversary ranking of HEIs of III, IV levels of accreditation «Top 200 Ukraine». Launched in 2006, it is the only in our country academic rating, which is based on a comparison of different types of universities using the universal system of criteria.

This year the organizing committee of the National Academic Ranking «Top 200 Ukraine» with the support of the international expert supervisory board introduced additional rating criterion of "Innovative activity of universities", which measured the total investment made by the private, high-tech business to start-ups of the universities.

According to the ranking of 2016, «KROK» University took 1st place among private universities and 59th place in the overall ranking among two hundred Ukrainian universities represented in the «Top 200 Ukraine», maintaining the position of the previous year.

Congratulations to all who consider themselves as a part of «KROK» family and care for the fate of the University with this success and wish our alma mater new achievements!

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