Results of Survey on Implementation of educational programme «Management (English)» in 2023

06 March 2024

Results of Survey of Applicants on Implementation of educational programme «Management (English)» at KROK University in 2023

The Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education and International Business Department of «KROK» University conducted a regular anonymous survey of students of the department's educational programmes on their satisfaction with educational services, university activities and interaction with the teaching and administrative staff.

In December 2023, a survey was conducted among first-level (bachelor's) students studying in the speciality 073 «Management», the educational programme Management (English). The survey was conducted using the Microsoft Forms platform. The survey was taken by students of 2-4 years of study, with the most active being the 4th year students, who accounted for 48% of respondents.

The questions in the survey covered the curriculum, teaching methods, professional competencies, student assessment, academic freedom, educational environment, communications, and general impressions of the study programme.

The survey results show the following:

  1. 83% of respondents are fully satisfied with the content of the study programme, which is 4% more than last year.
  2. Respondents were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the teaching and learning methods of the programme on a 5-point scale (1 point - dissatisfied, 5 - completely satisfied). 70% of respondents are fully satisfied with the teaching methods and approaches to teaching, 26% of respondents rated the teaching methods as «4», and only 4% of respondents rated them as «3», which indicates a high level of training of the teaching staff and the use of appropriate teaching and learning methods.
  3. Among the proposed professional competences that students noted that they had acquired during their studies, the leader is «the ability to form and demonstrate leadership qualities and behavioural skills» - 78% of respondents;
    • ability to identify and describe the characteristics of the organisation - 47.8%;
    • the ability to lead the organisation and its divisions through the implementation of management functions - 60.8%;
    • ability to evaluate the work performed, ensure its quality and motivate the organisation's staff - 65.2%;
    • ability to select and use modern management tools - 60.8% of all respondents.
  1. In the survey participants unanimously answered «Yes» to the question about the possibility of choosing elective educational components. The Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education and International Business Department actively work to implement the right to academic freedom of applicants and the possibility of forming an individual educational trajectory. The sources of information for students on elective educational components are:
    • Moodle platform - 28%;
    • the official website of the University - 28%;
    • programme coordinators - 44%.
  2. When being asked whether applicants have faced the problem of biased assessment by teachers, 100% of respondents said that they had not.
  3. 91% of all respondents said that the forms and criteria of assessment were clear to them.
  4. To the question: «Do you think that the measures to maintain academic integrity (including anti-plagiarism) in your programme are sufficient?» - 100% of respondents answered positively.
  5. Also, 100% of respondents are satisfied with the advisory, organisational and social support received during their studies at «KROK» University. The service unit of the educational programme pays special attention to the psycho-emotional state of students, as well as the socialisation and integration of foreign citizens into the educational space.
  6. Distribution of students' opinions on the means of communication with them:
    • e-mail (office 365) - 78%;
    • social networks (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) - 17%;
    • messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc.) - 74%;
    • organisational meetings - 74%,
    • individual consultations - 26%.
  7. Respondents noted that the educational environment of the University fully meets the needs and interests of students. The higher education institution has managed to create safe conditions for study and work, comfortable interpersonal interaction, promoting the emotional well-being of students and teachers without any manifestations of violence, racial and any other discrimination and the availability of sufficient resources to prevent them.
  8. The Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education is working to involve students in international credit mobility. The result of this work is the answer of 100% of respondents «Yes» to the question about the availability of international academic mobility programmes for students of the study programme. In 2022-2023, 6 students were nominated for participation in academic mobility programmes.
  9. The students' impressions of studying at the educational and professional programme Management (English) at «KROK» University, wishes and suggestions for improving the educational programme (examples):

It's very interesting to learn new subjects with new group.

My impression regarding the university and lectures in general is very good. I like what they teach us, each lecturer and share the knowledge they have. In a word, I am in a very good mood with everything.

No claims. Smart lecturers. Fully satisfied.

All is good.

In addition to regular anonymous surveys, the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education and International Business Department hold an Organisational Meeting every semester to discuss current issues with students and periodically review the content of the study programme. Thus, in 2023, the subject «Foreign Language» was added to the curriculum of the educational programme due to the increase in the number of Ukrainian students in the educational programme and the desire of applicants to improve their English language skills. The teams of the Educational and Scientific Institute of International Education and International Business Department continue to work fruitfully to improve the educational programme and the level of services provided!

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