Students' visit to Germany

13 May 2024

From 21 April to 05 May 2024, a student of the "KROK" College, Anastasiia Polishchuk, and a student of the "KROK" University, Oleksandra Presniakova, visited the East Bavarian Technical University Amberg-Weiden within the framework of the European Union Erasmus+ project "INTERADIS/Interaction and Adaptation of Foreign Students" (619451-EPP-1-2020-1-NL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).

The team of OTH Amber-Weiden University put a lot of effort into organising this study visit and provided an opportunity for Ukrainian students to get involved in the life of their university, attend a variety of lectures (Intercultural Competence-DACH, Leadership Development, Digital Workforce, etc. ) and take part in useful workshops (World Café Workshop, Painting Workshop, Green Office Workshop), where they discussed such topics as the importance of preserving the environment, spreading environmental education, and analysed the challenges faced by international students during their studies abroad.

In addition to fruitful study, students had the opportunity for student networking, during joint dinners with German students and during a visit to the traditional German spring festival; interesting excursions to cities such as Weiden, Amberg, Regensburg helped to develop intercultural knowledge, which allowed them to get in touch with the centuries-old culture of Bavaria.

The bonus of the visit was a two-week German language course for beginners, at the end of which the students successfully passed the exam and received a certificate of course completion.

The students of KROK University are grateful for the opportunity to take this opportunity to represent the "KROK" University and try themselves as a foreign student.

We are grateful to the OTH Amberg-Weiden team for their warm visit, support, inspiration and motivation!


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