Round Table within the international project Ukraine-Norway

10 May 2018

On April 27, 2018, within the international project «Ukraine-Norway» «Retraining and Social Adaptation of Militaries and Their Families in Ukraine» the Roundtable on «Cooperation of «NORD» University (Kingdom of Norway) and «KROK» University (Ukraine) in the field of business security: the current state and prospects for conducting modern research took place at «KROK» University.

Active participants in its preparation and conducting were: President of the International Fund for Social Adaptation (IFAS) Volodymyr Rubtsov, representative of «NORD» University (Kingdom of Norway) Silie Aacre, coordinator of Ukraine-Norway Project at IFAS Olha Filina, Director of the Institute for Security Management of «KROK» University Oleksandr Zakharov, Head of the Department of Management Technologies of «KROK» University Victor Alkema.

A friendly atmosphere and high professionalism – what may be better for a true partnership!

We are looking forward to further productive cooperation!

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