KROK first scholarship within Erasmus Mundus Program

04 July 2011

The Lecturer at Languages for Specific Purposes Department («KROK» University, Ukraine) IRINA SOROKA received an Erasmus Mundus scholarship and currently is studying psychology at the University of Pecs (Hungary).

Living in Hungary for Irina is not only an opportunity to improve the level of foreign languages and deepen her knowledge of chosen major, but also an opportunity to plunge into different culture and atmosphere, enjoy beautiful sceneries and the beauty of architecture.

We would like to recall that in 2011 «KROK» University became a partner within EMP-AIM team and received the Erasmus Mundus grant, under the terms of the agreement Bachelor, Master, Doctorate and Post doctorate students and University employees can receive a scholarship for getting the experience at European universities.

Ms. Irina wrote a letter about her impressions abroad:

I was fortunate to receive a grant from the Erasmus Mundus and go to study Psychology as a degree-seeking from «KROK» University (Ukraine) to University of Pecs (Hungary). It is worth noting that the city Pecs was selected as European Capital of Culture in 2010.

I have never been disappointed choosing this University. It was founded in 1367 and is now the oldest university in Hungary and one of the oldest in Europe. The University consists of 10 faculties, including Faculty of Business and Economics, Medicine, Law, Humanities etc.

The University has been cooperating with foreign universities for a long time. The students are coming from Poland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, the United States of America, Japan, China, as well as from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. So learning here is a good opportunity to improve proficiency not only in English but also in other foreign language, and to learn Hungarian language at least on the elementary level.

Each student receives a so-called EHA code. It provides access to the University web-site where you can choose the course and get your personal calendar with the name of the teacher, schedule of lectures or workshops. Code is also valid for access to e-library.

Lectures for foreign students are held in English, and if it is Faculty of Linguistics, the language that is being studied. Besides all the usual courses such as International Political Economy, Intercultural Communication, British History, History of Psychology, students can study, for example, Tobacco in Sociological Context, Crisis Communications, Comparative Child Protection (depending on the chosen major). Usually the selected subject is held once a week. Much attention is paid to self-reliant work of students (literature investigation at library, presentations preparation).

What a student’s life without entertainment! There is in plenty at the University of Pecs. First of all, discos till the morning are held. Moreover, the International Flag Party was organized - when the flag of native country was drawn on the cheek, and student was a presenter of the country. It should be noted that a correct presentation is needed for Ukraine. Even though European Championship "Euro-2012" was held not so long ago, and Ukrainian people believe that Ukraine is known by Klitchko brothers and Andriy Shevchenko, for many young people abroad our country is still a part of Russia.

Moreover, there is a possibility to go for a camping at Lake Balaton on the weekend, to visit the capital Budapest or another city in Schengen zone, to attend wine or beer tastings, to degust national dishes (prices here are almost the same as in Kiev, but portions are much larger).

But the most important thing is that you will be enriched with new experiences and new friends. Therefore I would like to give sincere thanks to all the EMP-AIM team, which has created this opportunity for me and for the other students. Thank You for the efforts and inspiration!

Best regards,
IRINA SOROKA, lecturer at Languages for Specific Purposes Department, KROK University.

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