First EANET Project Steering Committee Meeting in Amsterdam

17 June 2014

On 14-17 June 2014 the first Project Steering Committee meeting of Tempus project "Alumni Entrepreneurs Network" (EANET) was held at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands). The representatives of higher educational institutions and organizations from Georgia, Germany, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania and Ukraine participated in the meeting. The program of the meeting included the acquaintance of the participants, discussion of key points and work packages content.

«KROK» University was represented by head of International Office Andrii Lotariev and projects and programs manager Galina Bogachenko. They introduced target audience research, that was prepared together with the head of the Alumni Association of «KROK» University - Svitlana Zaripova and members of the Association - alumni entrepreneurs.

The implementation of the project will start in September 2014 and will last for 3 years. The project aims to develop an international network of university alumni entrepreneurs, improve employment rates of graduates, promote the entrepreneurial spirit. In the framework of the project the following activities in «KROK» University are scheduled:

  • Setup of a database of prospective members of Alumni Association
  • Compilation of a catalogue of key offers of services
  • Setup of the alumni network
  • Linking the networks of the universities with each other
  • Organization of central events and offers of services
  • Institutionalizing of the network (e.g. association)
  • Fundraising of membership fees, sponsoring endorsement and donations to guarantee sustainability

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