Meeting of EANET partners in Berlin

21 November 2014

On 17-21 November 2014 representatives of higher educational institutions and organizations from Georgia, Moldova, the Netherlands. Germany, Romania and Ukraine participated in the second working meeting in the frameworks of Tempus project "Entrepreneur Alumni Network" (EANET), held at Freie Berlin University .

Head of International Office, Andrii Lotariev took part in the second Project Steering Committee meeting, where he presented the propositions of «KROK» University on project implementation.

Head of Alumni Association of «KROK» University, Svitlana Zaripova, and manager of projects and programs of International Office, Galina Bogachenko, participated in training on creation of entrepreneurs-alumni network. The Head of knowledge and technology transfer of Freie Berlin University shared their experience in Entrepreneurial Alumni network creation and development. The intensive workshop was related to the following issues: guiding principles and goals of Entrepreneurial Alumni Network, importance of commitment of higher education institution management, institutional and strategic framework , role and place of alumni relations in HEI, alumni records, databases and data management, member acquisition and retention, quality in project management, developing milestone plan. «KROK» University representatives presented their own experience, ideas on efficient activity of Entrepreneur-Alumni Association.

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