First meeting of the project MEDIATS consortium

22 February 2019

On February 4-8, 2019 in Hoeven, the Netherlands, the first event of the Erasmus + project «Mediation: Education and Society Transformation» was held. Consortium includes universities of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Spain, Latvia, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

«KROK» University, the co-coordinator of the project, was represented by Andrii Lotariev, Head of International Office; Galina Bogachenko, Projects and Programs Manager; Ivan Balykin, Acting Deputy Head of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law; Inna Dolianovska, Deputy Dean of Law Faculty, Associate Professor of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines.

The program of the event included study visits to learn European experience in building of Mediation environment, development and implementation of training programs on mediation, as well as meeting of the steering committee. The participants presented their universities, experts from the University of Turiba (Latvia), the Netherlands Business Academy (the Netherlands), the Catholic University of San Antonio (Spain) shared their experience. Representatives of the International Institute of Mediation (the Netherlands) discussed mediation in an international perspective and offered case activities. The participants discussed the concept of "mediation" in details, learnt the structure of professional associations of mediators, legislative regulation of mediation in the EU, role and place of mediation in society. Mediators-practitioners from the Netherlands, USA, Latvia were also involved to the discussions. On February 6, the project team visited the court of Breda, where they met with judges and representatives of the court mediation bureau. The participants developed and agreed action plans for launching of Master's degree programs in Mediation at partner universities and creation of Mediation Federations in Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. In parallel, individual consultations were held, partners shared ideas and impressions. The final presentations of the teams summarized the experience gained by the participants during the week.

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