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14 February 2019

On February 14, 2019, the teaching staff of the Department of Foreign Languages and General Education met with Mr. Sean Harty, the founder and general manager of the educational organization Dinternal Education Pearson.

Mr. Harty is known for his active position and extensive experience in advancing modern, innovative forms of English language learning. As an artistic and creative person, he is not only interested in contemporary trends in the study of English, but also has a crucial feedback from Ukrainian teachers-practitioners in English.

During this trip, Mr. Sean Harty only visited our University. The department caught his attention by their projects, in which the representatives of the Pearson office in Kyiv actively participated.

On the meeting a wide range of issues, ranging from the visitor's presentation on the development of secondary and higher schools in Ukraine, his impression of the growth dynamics of the Department of Foreign Languages and General Education, and «KROK» University in general, the ability of our teachers to think creatively and meet modern requirements was discussed.

The guest offered to provide the University with a base for objective and independent diagnostics of the English language proficiency of students and teachers based on the KROK-SUCCESS program.

Today, the basis is flexible skills, that is, soft skills that give students the key to a successful future, form a high competitiveness and value of a specialist on the international labor market.

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