English Time For You: A New Project of the Students’ Council

18 March 2019

At the beginning of 2019, the project «English Time For You», attended by students from Ukraine and other countries, was launched at «KROK» University.

Several events have already been carried out within the framework of the project, which turned out to be quite interesting and useful for students. With effective games, students improve their English language skills. According to the format of the event participants were divided into two teams:

  • Team «Bunnies» (Ukrainian students);
  • Team «Room 4/5» (foreign students).

By the decision of the judges the team «Room 4/5» won.

The purpose of the other part of the project was to improve the knowledge of the Russian language of foreign students and English – of Ukrainian students. Each player brings a point to his/her team. The award for the first place was a cake, and for the second one - chocolate. The first place was taken by foreign students - the team «Room 4/5», the second place by the Ukrainian students, the team «Strawberries». All participants of the project received certificates.

The Student Council of «KROK» University congratulates the winners and invites you to participate in the next events of «English Time For You». We are waiting for you!

English time for you / СРУ / Університет / 01.02.2019

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