All-Ukrainian Youth Ecological Forum «GreenMindGeneration» was launched in KEPIT: its 1st stage «Green Weekend» was held

20 April 2019

On April 20, 2019, on a bright and sunny spring day, on the Eve of Easter, on the Eve of the National Day of the Environment and on the Eve of the World Day of Creativity and Innovation (April,21st), «KROK» University and College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies held a wonderful Green Weekend.

The first stage of the social project «All-Ukrainian Youth Ecological Forum «GreenMindGeneration» has started this day. First, thanks to the efforts of eco-activists students and personally, the director of the College - Liudmyla Sumbaieva arranged flowerbeds (trees and flowers were planted) around the territory of the University, which were created on the places of natural trash cans.

However, the main participants of the environmental weekend were the students of the preparatory courses and students-moderators of the “GreenWeekend” project. Thanks to their inspired creative work, the event was full of entertainment and super workshops.

Among them there was a chess platform, where participants could play chess, which were made by the college students themselves. Each participant created his own charming pendant which can fulfill any wish. They didn’t forget about Ukrainian traditions, on the Eve of Easter, people painted eggs, with which they decorated the Easter tree in the yard of the University and created traditional reeled dolls. The artistic location was very diverse, as the participants of the event painted their common picture, mastered the art of filament graphic art (embroidery) and created the inscription КЕPIT. Also in the yard of the University a magnificent vertical flower bed was laid.

The special festive mood of the event was added by the dance group of Alina Holtseva - K-girls, vocal compositions in the excellent performance by the college guitarists, and a joint dance flashmob. The best of the participating teams received honors, each student received a personal certificate confirming their participation in the first stage of the All-Ukrainian Youth Ecological Forum.

The organizer of the event was the Ecological Club of Thinkers «LOTOS» (ECO «LOTOS»). The co-organizers of the event were: Student Council of the College (SCC), Student Research Society of the College (SRSC), SPG and KMG project groups, «KROK» University Alumni Association («KROK» University AA), Department of Pre-University Preparation, Department of Advertising and Public Relations, Cultural Center.

We are pleased to note that one of the most important parts of the weekend was the implementation of the project of the graduate of the College Oleksandra Blyzniukova, who in 2018 became a fellow of «KROK» University AA Award for the implementation of «green» ideas.

We sincerely thank all those involved in the support of the project, assistance in its organization and hosting. Special thanks to the leaders and the assets of student project groups (ECO "LOTOS", SRSC, SCC, SPG and KMG), volunteers of KEPIT, the students of the College-moderators of student teams.

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