First step: meetings with first-year students

13 September 2019

On 4-6th September, 2019 meetings with first-year students of «KROK» University were held at «KROK» University. During the meetings, the students learned about the fundamentals of corporate culture and traditions of the University, about the active citizenship and social responsibility and opportunities for development and realization of their own potential while learning in the University.

Volodymyr Zimin, Director of the Center for Information Technologies, and Volodymyr Trotsko, Director of E-Learning Center, told the students about:

  • corporate communication environment of the University – Microsoft Office 365 and the ability to install the full Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access;
  • «KROK - Virtual assistant» – Telegram account that gives you the opportunity to check the schedule, contact the Student’s Office at any time;
  • virtual learning environment Moodle, which comes in hand in distance learning, viewing lecture materials and communication with teachers.

Oleksandr Karlov, Director of Career Development Center (CDC), reported on what first professional steps should be and where to go to get them. Galyna Demydenko shared the information possibilities of Educational and Scientific Library and Liudmyla Slepenko introduced the space for an instant support for all students of «KROK» University both full-time and part-time mode of studies, i.e. Student’s Office. She underlined that Student’s Office is always quick and will effectively help to resolve any issue connected with instruction.

Yevhenii Saveliiev, Coordinator of Student Project Group (SPG), told in detail about the projects, which are traditionally held at the University. Anastasiia Nakonechna, Coordinator of Media Group (KMG), spoke about the activities of the group and invited the freshmen to join KMG.

Oleksandr Karapetian, the Director of the Department of Student Affairs and Student Council, described the cultural life of the University and invited students to participate actively in the life of the University.

In addition, the supervisors were introduced to all groups. They will help first-year students during the academic year. For «KROK» University similar events have already become a wonderful tradition during which first-year students have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the activities.

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