Cooperation between «KROK» University and Technical Committee for Standardization «Compliance Assessment»

16 September 2019

Autumn of 2019 is supposed to be hot and productive for new results and achievements. The University intends to become a member society of Technical Committee for Standardization «Compliance Assessment».

This is due to the desire to improve level of education by expanding the competences of alumni, including those related to real estate operations.

«KROK» University has been present in the Ukrainian educational services market for about 30 years and traditionally holds leading positions in the ranking of Ukrainian higher education institutions and trains specialists in many fields, most notably in Economics and Management. One of the Master's programs of «KROK» University is the program «Quality, Standardization, Certification». The University is increasingly introducing practice-oriented training as a means of professionalizing the training of future experts.

An essential component of the cooperation between «KROK» University and the Technical Committee for Standardization is also the combination of research work of employees on the approved topic «Problems of information society development: economic, administrative, legal, international, humanitarian and technological aspects» with consulting activities in the field of standardization, conformity assessment, accreditation, market surveillance and quality.

We are sincerely glad to cooperate and believe in further success of all its participants!

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