The results of the XIII PROF CAMP

01 November 2019

On November 1, 2019, the XIII PROF CAMP for students came to an end.During the week, starting on October 28, every day the participants of the project attended trainings that helped students to learn about the profession and get into new aspects of understanding a specialty. The students, future applicants, came there to choose a future profession. That is, actually, the main purpose of PROF CAMP.

They discovered a new multi-industry world of specialties. There was a variety of trainings in different subjects, so the participants could choose the profession close to them.

Thanks to this, they spent the week of autumn holidays making new acquaintances with other children. In addition, they were supplied with useful information that will come in hand when choosing a life path.

During the project, there were 6 trainings devoted to professions, 2 interesting excursions, 2 trainings on goal and team building and an incredible financial game. At the closing, the participants spoke about their chosen profession during the presentation «The profession of my dream». For their active participation in the project and presentations students received gifts from the partner companies of the project and «KROK» University.

The camp also hosted a photo contest on social networks. The winner of the competition was Tetiana Mala. She received a cool waist bag by Choice - backpacks made in UA.

All participants got gifts during the lottery draw from «KROK» University - 10% discount certificates for the first semester, as well as other useful prizes.

The camp organizers would like to thank the partners and companies for supporting the project and contributing to its implementation. Sincere thanks to: CHOICE, Alumni Association of «KROK» University, Career Development Center of «KROK» University. Besides, we would like to express our special thanks to the teachers, project speakers: Yevhen Saveliev, Tetiana Kondes, Iryna Synhaivska, Oleksandr Pyzhov, Artem Azoian, Nadiia Lolina, Anna Polisuchenko, Ihor Rumyk and Olesia Brovkina.

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